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DM Question: why are NGONS bad? A couple of reasons, but I wanna start by saying ngons can be very handy whilst making stuff, just clean them up when you are done.

An NGON is a polygon with more than 4 vertices. All NGONs are actually a bunch of sneaky triangles in a trench coat. The problem is you have no idea what those bastards are up to because they are invisible.

Ngons triangulate dynamically in most software, and you don't want that. That is anarchy. That is a bag of monkeys armed with switchblades, that is. Triangulating ngons is the only way you will commit those triangles to behaving consistently on export,and allows you to spot...

Things like very long thin triangles (bad for rendering) and flipped bullshitty evil triangles in your engine that just want to make you pay for your insolence. Tame your ngons, at least by cutting them up into flat quads, and absolutely triangulating before baking and export.

On a more complex level, ngons generate triangles with a specific tangent space on the verts, and exporting or baking will cause that triangulation to change, and that changes the tangents and binormals/bitangents. In basic terms, it farks your normal map. Say no to ngons.

A good use of ngons is drawing out a shape you are going to extude. So you may grab some verts, make them round delete the inner vertices to make an ngon and extrude that to make an arm, leg, horn or other appendage.

In general, I just clean mine up as soon as I create them. Saves pain later.

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