THE LAW OF ATTRACTION THAT YOU WISH YOU KNEW EARLIER Spend 5 minutes empowering your empowered life even more. - THREAD -

The Law of Attraction has been stated as a law predicting what people will ENCOUNTER via their own thoughts. By using the law you get to decide YOUR future. Find out what it is👇

The Law of Attraction is a great resonance to Confucius’s “You are what you think.” You being negative repels positivities and attracts negativities. For example…

1) Attracting Individuals Generally, people tend to be ATTRACTED to socialise in specific groups: People feel NATURAL talking among those who discuss similar topics. REMEMBER: You attract THOSE who treat you the way YOU treat them. AND… the law can “attract” emotions too👇

2) Attracting Emotions In others words, the Law of Attraction can be an EMOTION BOOSTER. Think about the time you feel down/happy. Do you recognise 10X more sadnesses/joys more easily?

The answer is quiet obvious. Fact is, you are usually more SUBJECTIVE when undergoing strong emotions. You automatically identify more things corresponding to your emotions. Yet that’s not all. The law is also about attracting your FUTURE…

3) Attracting Future The law emphasises the power of WILLS; In plain words, if you want something SO bad that you decide to take ACTIONS you WILL have it in time.

- If you believe life can be better, it WILL be better. - If you believe you can’t do it, you WON’T do it. All it takes to achieve your thoughts are BELIEFS, ACTIONS and TIME. You may wonder: “if that’s true why are there so many LOSERS?”

Because: - Their wills are not STRONG enough - They can’t pass the test of TIME - They DOUBT themselves Think about the number of people failed just because of these 3 reasons. THEN HOW DO I START USING THE LAW?

1) Think of a goal you eagerly want to achieve 2) WRITE DOWN what it can give you 3) Ask yourself if you really want it 4) Write down a list of actions needed to be done 5) Implement the plan repetitively & be patient 6) Never question your goal & you will succeed

BUT… should I BELIEVE in the Law of Attraction? You are what YOU believe. Life is full of paradoxes and YOU must choose one to believe in. You are choosing one NOW.

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