Eric Woodruff, CIDPRO

Eric Woodruff, CIDPRO



1/ If you're looking to learn #AzureAD, you can sign up for a #M365 Developer Account, for FREE, and get access to a tenant with 25 M365 E5 licenses available. #Azure #AD #Identity #infosec

2/ This isn't a secret and I'm not the first to tout this, but it's so good it's worth repeating. In having explored similar options for learning with other vendors, #Microsoft wins for how easy they make it. It's five minutes and you have a tenant.

3/ It's an excellent resource for learning, for when an organization struggles to provide IC's with the resources needed, or for testing out B2B scenarios and you need an extra tenant.

4/ Again this includes fully functioning Azure AD P2 - MCAS (MDCA), Conditional Access, Identity Protection, Defender for Identity, 365 Defender, MEM/Intune, Defender for Office... and more.

5/ Sure you might need some lab VM's and there are instances where you don't have great datasets, but the ability to explore everything in your own tenant is 🤯

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