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Write A Sales Letter In 5 Days Challenge - (Day 4) // THREAD //

Welcome to Day Four.. Today we are going to write something.. Finally 😅 Now you understand why they say copywriting is never about writing. Here's a structure you can use to write your sales letter..

Headline (Which you've already written in the previous step) Lead Story Offer Benefits Social proof Guarantees Bonuses CTA FAQ

LEAD This thread by Jake is a perfect explanation on how to write high quality leads…

STORY Before you start writing about your benefits and the rest of them there's something you need to do first… Tell a story. Storytelling can be used as a tool. A tool you can use to create a picture in their minds..

A picture of where they are now and where they will be if they make use of your solution (product) What story should you tell? You can tell your story if you were once in the position they are now in. You can tell the story of another person.

Maybe someone your product has helped before.. If you don't have a story you can create one yourself. It's OK Just make sure it relates to the problems your ideal customer has and how they can solve those problems. Wanna know how I write my own stories?

I stole this framework from George… Check it out here 👇🏼

OFFER This is simply the answer to the question "Why should I buy from you" For my tweet scheduler I could say "Because this tool can help you grow your audience to 10k Followers on 5 months by helping you remain active on Twitter even while you sleep"

To have a great offer you need to state: 👉 What your product will do for them 👉 How it'll do it 👉 How long it will take. Bonus point : Read $100m offers by Alex Hormozi

BENEFITS : Take all those benefits you prepared on Day one and write about them here.. Use this framework.. Benefit > Feature that provides the benefit > How feature helps achieve benefit

Example : Benefit : Promote your product everyday without any extra effort Feature : Using the Auto plug feature How Feature Helps : The auto plug feature automatically adds a link to your course whenever any of your tweets go viral.

SOCIAL PROOF If your product is endorsed by a well respected person in your niche you can showcase it here. If you have testimonials here would also be a perfect place to put them

GUARANTEES A guarantee is simply "If I don't fulfill what i said in my offer, here's what I will do for you" The most popular one is the money back guarantee… (30,60 or even 90 days) The longer the better.. In the case of SaaS products they tend to use free trials instead

BONUSES If you have any additional gifts or freebies you want to add to spice up the deal this is where you can put it. You can use bonuses to increase the value of the offer and potentially charge more for it.

CTA Your call to action is as important as the other elements on the page.. You need to know how to do it well.. Read this thread to find out how to write a great CTA

FAQ Anticipate questions your audience may have concerning your product and answer them in this section.. Make sure you clear as much confusions as possible.. Small doubts and uncertainties can make someone not to buy.. And that's it… Just remaining one more step.

EDITING Whatever you wrote in this step is going to be horrible. I guarantee you that. Tomorrow we are going to edit and come up with the final draft for the sales letter.. One more day remaining.....

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