"Big Food" stole your taste buds. Let me show you how they did it and how to get them back. 🧵 THREAD 🧵

McCormick is a giant in the flavor industry. When you walk into a supermarket you see their spices lining the shelves. What you don’t see is the number of products with McCormick's flavoring infused into them.

Would you believe me if I told you McCormick distributes flavoring to: - 9 out of the 10 largest American food companies -8 out of the 10 largest food service companies They engineer flavors into just about everything you walk past in the modern American grocery store.

Ironically McCormick owns the trademark "The Taste You Trust". Which begs the question should you trust them? This thread exposes the backstory of why trusting McCormick has harmed your families health for decades and why you should avoid flavorings at all costs👇

By the end of this you will know: 1) How do your taste buds work? 2) What happened to the flavor in your food? 3) How do McCormick and other companies pray on your taste buds? If you make it to the end I provide you a road map to reclaim the power of your taste!

1/ 10,000 tastes buds line your tongue to solve the complex puzzle of flavor which sends a detailed set of information to your brain to answer a few basic questions of whether or not the food in your mouth is good or bad.

In nature we call this “nutritional wisdom” – your body knows what to eat because the response to eating certain nutrients is a chemical bomb going off in your brain to alert your body of all the positive nutrients OR potential toxins you just decided to ingest.

The relationship between flavor and nutrition is critical in order to see what you are up against every time you walk into a grocery store. Not only are you being attracted to fancy, well-branded labels but the feedback loop engrained in your memory uses flavor against you.

When you bite into that bag of chips loaded with flavors, your taste buds are signaling all good. The problem? The flavors are simply tricking your brain to like food that ultimately lacks what it needs to survive. The nutrition your body wants is nowhere to be found.

While 5 flavors occur in varying degrees in nature, the modern world has found ways to manipulate and engineer all of these tastes. Before I show you how "Big Food" engineered flavor into food let me show you how they engineered flavor out of the foods your body wants to love.

2/ Beginning in the 1900s large institutions began seeing the benefit in commercializing the food system. But what did that mean for food? Enter The Chicken of Tomorrow contest held in 1948 (as outlined in @MarkSchatzker's book 'The Dorito Effect'). 👇

@MarkSchatzker WWII had been great for chicken farmers. Rations on red meat led to chicken consumption nearly doubling in a short period of time. Howard Pierce - a poultry researcher - feared people turning back to red meat so he set out to find ways to grow chickens larger and faster.

@MarkSchatzker The larger and faster concept was nothing new to farming. Earl Butz, the secretary of Agriculture in the 70s branded it, but the idea of engineering higher quantities of food started in the early part of the century due to multiple food shortages globally.

@MarkSchatzker The Chicken of Tomorrow contest led to breakthroughs in growing larger chickens in less time. Chickens today grow in less than half the time than in 1948 and weigh 1.5lbs more on 1/3rd of the feed. The US now eats 26bn lbs of chicken per year - 5x the amount eaten in 1948.

@MarkSchatzker Chickens grew in size and consumption and shrank in flavor & nutrition. Much of the increase in size is a result of feeding the chickens a healthy diet of corn and soy. Unfortunately the concept of farming bigger and faster was not isolated to chickens.

@MarkSchatzker Nearly every crop or animal is farmed at an excessive rate today and most of the biodiversity in the food system has been engineered away. 15 vegetable crops account for 90% of our plant-based diets and we have lost more than 90% of our vegetable seed varieties.

@MarkSchatzker Engineers made plants impervious to disease and grew faster but they drained them of taste and nutrients than in the 1950s: - Kale had 2x the Riboflavin as today - Cauliflower had 2x the Thiamin as today - Asparagus had 3x the Vitamin C

@MarkSchatzker The food we are eating today is not what our grandparents were eating. If you are paying attention you can taste the difference or can you?! Here is where McCormick comes into the mix again 👇

@MarkSchatzker 3/ Flavor left the food on the front end and McCormick reintroduced it on the back end with spices and artificial flavors. Since 1918 our uses of herbs and spices has increased by 500%. Food chemists have distorted our taste buds interpretation of "nutritional wisdom".

@MarkSchatzker Flavorings are not only left to food. Tobacco companies use flavorings to hook customers and they have been doing it for decades. RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company has a list of ingredients in their cigarettes of 145 items - 90% of them are "flavors".

@MarkSchatzker Spices, seasonings, and extracts also fall victim to similar manipulations of flavoring. Vanilla Extract - a beautiful aroma and flavor responsible for making cookies, drinks, and chocolate taste better - has also been manipulated by "Big Food".

@MarkSchatzker Vanilla is flavor "royalty" but its impossible to find. Companies like McCormick have used Pinecones to recreate a similar taste and mass-produce a product disguised as something completely different.

@MarkSchatzker The deception in the flavor industry is simply meant to fix the problem that agricultural engineering and food science created all at the expense of your taste buds and your health. So what can you do about this?

@MarkSchatzker As @MarkSchatzker outlines in his book: - Eat real food 🍳 - Eat for flavor 😋 - Eat meat from pasture-raised animals 🥩 - Avoid synthetic flavorings 🚫 - Avoid restaurants that use synthetic flavorings 🤮

@MarkSchatzker Artificial flavors to avoid include: - monosodium glutamate - MSG - disodium guanlyate - disodium inosinate - torula yeast - yeast extract - sucralose (Splenda) - sacchrin For the full list I recommend reading 'The Dorito Effect' to see how taste and nutrition work in parallel!

@MarkSchatzker Bonus tips for moms out there: The lasting effects of flavor start in the womb! Moms who eat junk tend to have kids who eat junk according to research on the relationship between baby and amniotic fluid and breast milk.

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