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✨Gilf Enjoyer 3000✨



While I’m here, some silly little #Pierrochi i wrote up yesterday in Tartaglia’s Pussy Eaters? 🤭 🎭💧// warnings: Underage, Grooming, Pierro being a creep tbh. What if Arlecchino found Childe before he returned home and kidnapped him to turn into a weapon? Pierro saw him as

she was bringing him in and stopped her immediately, having taken an interest in the boy’s adorable appearance. He offers him a bath and a meal and to stay with him instead. Tartaglia’s terrified still after his experience in the abyss, but he accepts, knowing he’ll likely die

without the help. Arlecchino can’t exactly say no to her leader either. What Childe didn’t expect was for them to take a bath *together*. He’s sat in the big man’s lap with his head resting against his chest as the elder carefully washes his hair and body.

His hands come dangerously close to Childe’s cunt and then Childe quietly whispers as he reaches up to him. “Please…” and spreads his legs for the man. Pierro can’t help himself, not when Childe asks so sweetly, and so his rough hands lower to cup his heat, slowly brushing his

thumb over the boy’s clit until he’s practically shaking and begging for more. Pierro holds back, telling him he needs to be patient. “If you’re good for me, I’ll give you a whole lot more than just my fingers” he whispers into Childe’s ear.

This is just a little snippet, there was more in there 🤭 but ughhh something about old man Pierro being an absolute horrible weirdo.. woof.

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