@/miyaatsumu: if we win the game tomorrow i'll confess to my crush lol it was the tweet that rocked the nation. the upcoming alders v. msby match was already widely anticipated by japan's sports fans, but atsumu's declaration added a new question to the game: who was his crush?

"you don't have any friends outside of us and some guys from high school," hinata said thoughtfully, reading atsumu's tweet with a furrowed brow. "so it must be someone we know!" "gee, thanks shoyo-kun," atsumu groaned. he shut his locker with slightly more force than necessary.

"is it one of the staff? someone on the team?" bokuto flitted around atsumu excitedly, blocking atsumu's path to the door. to freedom. "wait, don't tell us! we'll find out tomorrow after we crush the alders." "yeah, atsumu-san! we'll win the game so you can win their heart!"

"great," atsumu said through gritted teeth, pushing past bokuto and out the door as he and hinata started cheering louder. atsumu sighed, leaning his back on the door. what the hell had he been thinking? he couldn't confess to sakusa yet. and to tweet it to the whole world...

atsumu called his brother hoping for advice, but osamu was laughing at him as soon as he picked up. "i guess you can just throw the match? play your absolute worst and lose the game. then you don't have to confess," osamu said, his voice scratchy from laughing so hard.

"either way, it'll be the best match i've ever seen. you're either going to lose miserably or be humiliated on national television after sakusa rejects you. oh, it's going to be so good!" osamu started cackling again as atsumu slammed his finger on the end call button.

atsumu didn't sleep that night. he spent the late hours scrolling through twitter and seeing fans speculate who his mysterious crush might be. even people who claimed to have no interest in volleyball joined in, for the "drama of it all". which was just fucking fantastic.

the morning of the match, atsumu woke up to some of his former teammates showing support (?) for him. @/ojiroaran: i know we all want to see atsumu lose or get rejected but im praying something slightly less horrible happens to him today. like he gets hit by a bus or something

@/sunarintarou: so grateful that i get to witness history today πŸ™ thank u @/miyaatsumu ive literally never been so excited about volleyball in my life @/ojiroaran: you play volleyball?? professionally???? @/sunarintarou: yeah and?

@/onigirimiya: Are you watching the MSBY v. Alders match today? Can't decide what to snack on while you watch @/miyaatsumu get fucked? Try Onigiri Miya's new lunch menu! @/ojiroaran: are you really trying to capitalize on your brother's suffering @/sunarintarou: do you deliver?

atsumu's current teammates were no better. as soon as atsumu entered the gym, they were hounding him for details on how he would confess and who the mystery person was. "keiji's book club begged to watch the match on his new tv, and they don't even follow volleyball!"

"i told my family about the match and they advertised it to the whole neighborhood! you have all of miyagi in your corner, atsumu-san!" "thanks, guys," atsumu said wearily. their enthusiasm only made the dread stirring in his stomach feel stronger.

the only person on the team who was treating this like any other day was sakusa. he hadn't mentioned atsumu's mysterious crush at all, nor had he looked at atsumu for more than half a second the whole morning. atsumu wasn't sure if that was a good sign or not.

would he have preferred if sakusa was like the others, begging to know who his crush was? or was it better that sakusa showed no interest at all, so atsumu didn't embarass himself trying to cover up his crush with sakusa's attention on him. thinking about it made him dizzy.

but atsumu would've wanted sakusa to be at least a little curious. he didn't think he'd get to talk to sakusa at all until sakusa pulled him aside just as the team exited the gym. "atsumu, wait--" sakusa gripped him by the elbow and atsumu looked up into dark, unblinking eyes.

"omi-kun?" sakusa's face pinched. he opened and closed his mouth a few times. atsumu just stared at him. "atsumu. you can't--i have to tell you--" "hey, hurry up, you two!" both their heads turned to meian, calling them over from the court. atsumu twists out of sakusa's grip.

as atsumu walked away, he could have sworn he saw disappointment flash across sakusa's face. if atsumu thought that exchange was weird, the actual match qas even weirder. atsumu employed his strategy of playing like shit so msby would lose and he wouldn't have to confess.

the rest of msby played their absolute hardest (save for sakusa, who was obviously slacking, and atsumu didn't really know what /that/ meant) and kept hyping atsumu up at every opportunity. atsumu kind of hated them. the alders seemed like they didn't know whether to try or not.

their plays ranged from scary good to awkward fumbling. and they kept whispering furiously to each other on the other side of the net. atsumu leaned in to listen to them after ushijima nailed a service ace. "wakatoshi! you were supposed to hold back on your serve, remember?"

hoshiumi glared up at ushijima, who just frowned. "i did hold back." they stared at each other for a beat. "i can't help it if i'm strong." next to them, hinata glared at kageyama behind the net. "bakageyama! can you stop being perfect for five seconds?" hinata hissed.

"don't you want atsumu-san to find true love?!" "not really," kageyama answered bluntly. "why should i care? i don't like him that much." atsumu was suddenly thankful to his high school self for getting on kageyama's bad side all those years ago. being an asshole had its merits

finally, they were at the tail end of the match. msby and the alders were nearly tied in points and it was atsumu’s turn to serve. if he missed now, they officially lost. atsumu took the ball from sakusa, who grabbed onto his wrist. "wait, atsumu, before you do anything--"

"what, omi-kun?" sakusa stared at him with an unreadable expression. then he said, very carefully: "if we win this now, then /i/ will confess to /my/ crush." the stadium exploded. everywhere people were excitedly shouting about the sudden plot twist in the game.

the announcers broadcast sakusa's declaration over the speakers, and atsumu didn't even know how their microphones had picked it up. "wait, omi-san has a crush on someone too?" "is he trying to upstage atsumu? or maybe save him from embarassment?"

even with all the noise and movement around them, atsumu couldn't take his focus off sakusa. and when sakusa pulled away, atsumu's eyes follwed him. sakusa would confess to his crush? sakusa HAS a crush?? atsumu's heart dropped. this was possibly the worst case scenario.

now, his options were either to confess to sakusa and then have sakusa admit that he likes someone else, which would kill him, or neither of them confess and atsumu is left with the crippling knowledge that sakusa will never like him back, which would kill him.

atsumu's pulse pounded. he didn't know which outcome was worse. atsumu stepped up and did his serve routine. the silence was suffocating in a way he'd never felt, and his eyes flickered to sakusa as he tossed the ball up. sakusa was staring straight at him intensely.

atsumu, heart skipping a beat, fumbled the ball. it flew across the court in a wonky arc and hit the net at an angle, tumbling off the court. the referee called an out. the stadium fell silent. atsumu, and probably everyone in the world, was staring at the ball now.

he was so caught up in shock that he didn't notice sakusa stomping his way. "ah, sorry omi-kun. we lost. so i guess you can't confess to whoever--" atsumu was cut short by a pair of lips pressing to his. he gasped, and sakusa kissed his deeper, hands clutching atsunu's chest.

atsumu thought he might have heard shouting. cheers, announcements booming over the speakers. he wasn't sure though, because all he could focus on was the feel of sakusa all around him. "i like you, atsumu," sakusa said, hushed, nose buried in atsumu's neck.

"don't confess to anyone else. don't be with anyone else but me." atsumu's heart leapt in his throat. he wrapped his arms around sakusa's waist, hugging tightly. "wasn't planning on it, omi-kun. you're the one i like. i was going to confess to you if we won."

sakusa pulled back a fraction, his eyes narrowed. "wait, seriously? you liked me the whole time?" sakusa shoved his shoulders. "then you should have fucking said so! i could have saved myself the humiliation of telling you first." atsumu's jaw dropped.

"i literally was going to tell you first, it's not my fault you got all jealous and had to kiss me--" sakusa kissed him again. on the corner of his mouth, his jaw, his cheeks. "so dramatic. you frustrate me to no end. my life would be so much easier if you'd just shut up."

atsumu grinned widely. he squeezed sakusa's waist, loving the way it made him blush. "but you still want me even though i'm such a handful, huh? you must be pretty crazy about me then." "yeah." sakusa traced his lips over atsumu's temple, maling his pulse race. "i guess i am."

end! i couldn't find the original tweet but i got this idea from that one viral thread of like "if i reach x followers by tomorrow i'll tell my mutual i like them" i think atsumu is dramatic and stupid enough to do smth like that haha

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