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Want people to stop scrolling & read your copy? Use a great hook. Want them to stay after grabbing their attention? Write a great lead. Use this SIMPLE method to come up with powerful leads when writing your sales copy:

First… Before we talk about how you can create your lead immediately you open a new Google doc… Take a look at these 2 images. They’re the basis of what I’ll be telling you about today.

When writing a sales letter… The first thing you try to nail is the hook and the lead. The hook is what grabs attention. It makes people stop whatever they’re doing to look at what you’ve put down. And the lead? Is what holds that attention.

Now here comes the problem… People say “It’s time to write!” Then they sit down and stare at a blinking cursor for minutes or even hours… >Blink… Blink… Blink…< Unable to put down 1 word…

Even after you think you’ve done your research, You just find it so hard to begin. You’ve written what you think is a good hook. But how do you start the lead?

First thing I need you to understand… Is that you may not have done any research at all… Or you may have an incomplete research process. And that’s fine. Because at the end of this thread, you’d know what to look out for when next you’re writing a sales copy.

Now… What do I mean by incomplete research process? It’s when you’ve listed the: •Features •Benefits •Problems/ objections to address And you stop there, thinking… It’s time to write!

No. It’s not time to write. You don’t know anything yet. When you’re doing research to sell a product… You should also take note of the following:

The unique mechanism: This is a special mechanism that your product uses to take customers from their current state to their desired state. It should be different from everything else on the market. That’s why it’s called “unique.”

The new cause: This is a pattern interrupt. Your prospects have heard the same reasons for their problems over and over again and they’re tired of it all. What if you could introduce a new reason?

Let’s take an example for both the new cause and unique mechanism: People have been told they can’t lose weight because they eat too much Or they don’t exercise enough…

So, the mechanism of those products involves 1. Diet changes or 2. New gym routines that let customers spend only 3 days a week at the gym. Cliché 🙄

But what if you told them that the problem is not their diet… But a hormone produced in the bone marrow? Then the mechanism of the product becomes something that stops the activation of the hormone.

If I came to you with any of these two products? - A new diet plan and - A fat hormone blocker… Which would you buy?

Now let’s not digress. We’re still looking at things you should look at while doing your research. The third one is…

The entrepreneur story: Who came up with the product? What’s the story behind the product discovery? What’s the reputation of this person? Is this a person the prospects would trust?

Then we have the next one… The testimonials: What did other people say when they tried the product? Did they mention strong benefits that would interest prospects? Do these testimonials touch on problems the prospects face currently?

Listen… I can continue listing all the research elements… But I’m running out of space. So, I’ll put them together in a document as a gift to my followers this month.

Now that you’ve gathered all these elements. What do you do? How does it relate to the lead of your sales copy? Well… That’s where these images you saw earlier come in

What do you notice about those 2 images? They say the same thing. But the sentences are arranged differently. I wrote the tweet in the first image first And then posted the reorganized tweet.

You can also apply this while writing your sales copy. I call it the LEAD SHIFT. After writing your hook…

Gather all the research elements you’ve put together- •The new cause •New mechanism •Your discovery story •The powerful testimonials… And put them all on the table.

Listen… You can’t focus on everything in your lead. These elements have to spread throughout your copy. So what do you do with the lead? Take one element from your research and center your lead around it.

If you’re going to have a new cause lead… It could read like this:

That’s a new cause lead. You’re introducing a new reason why the prospects are facing the problem they have now.

What if you want to write a new mechanism lead for this same product? We could go this way:

This lead then goes further into talking about the new mechanism behind your product. You can also build a lead using the entrepreneurs story and other research elements. Now to the question on your mind… Where does the LEAD SHIFT come in?

The lead shift comes when: • You’re stuck and don’t know where to start • You’ve written something that didn’t work and want to test something else.

First… What is lead shift? The lead shift is taking off the lead and replacing it with another one (that focuses more on a different element). Look at those two pictures again… You’ll notice all the sentences switch places. That’s what happens with the lead.

You can switch the new cause lead with the unique mechanism lead… or you can decide to start with the discovery story.

This eliminates writer's block. Because if you’ve done enough research… You now have all the elements on your table and can pick anyone to use for your lead.

And if your copy isn’t working? The first things you might want to tweak are; • The hook • The lead Now you can use the lead shift to alternate elements for the lead. And see how it performs.

Finally… Note this: The lead is just like a preview to the body of your copy. So while you focus on one interesting element… You also want to add a few lines (hints) from the other elements without revealing them too much. With that…

You can keep prospects reading and excited to see the whole story… And how you can help them solve their problem. That brings us to the end of this thread. Now…

If you gained from this thread and understand the concept of the lead shift… Follow me @jakevictor_ so you never miss any copywriting threads like this.

And if you’d like me to create a PDF of the elements you should gather during your research… RT the first tweet of this thread. 500 RTs and I’ll put a comprehensive guide together. RT the first tweet ⤵️

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