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Exclusive thread 1. Today I will show you how ISI, Pakistani agents, and Turkey have made a cartel of NGOs and companies for their propaganda against India. So let's start

2. There is a Dubious Company Stoke White. They have registered as a Law Firm, and claim to be experts in Immigration, Human Rights, and International Criminal Law. But they have frequently changed its name multiple times.

3. They also have made frequent changes in Principal activity: The entity in its filing has mentioned different descriptions of its activities and area of operations, including the sale of cars, motor vehicles, management consultancy, etc.

4. Hakan Camuz is a founder of the Stoke white, Hakan seems to have a close connection with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, as he has also headed another Turkey-backed organization Turken Foundation UK since its formation in 2015 until 2019

5. Parent organization of Turken foundation is “TURGEV” (established in 1996 by present Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan). Hakan had also represented Erdogan’s son Bilal Erdogan in a case against CNBC and holds a close relationship with Erdogan family.

6. Stoke White started Stoke White Investigations (SWI-unit) in 2021. They claim that there was a need to form a unit dedicated to investigations covering public interest matters and support the legal team for its complex international law cases.

7. Since its inception the “SWI” has published two anti-India articles: India: Silencing Journalism & Human Rights in Kashmir (Jan19,2022)–Author Khalil Dewan India's War Crimes in Kashmir: Violence, Dissent & the War on Terror (Aug24,2022) - Author Khalil Dewan & Nasir Qadri

8. So who are both of these writers? First is Khalil Dewan. He is Head of Investigations at SWI-unit, since June 2021. Before joining Stoke White, he worked at TRT World Research Center from Jan2019 to Dec2019. He also worked as a Researcher at Middle East Monitor (2017- 18),

9. Khalil has close connections with Second writer Nasir Qadri (founder of Legal forum for Kashmir). In his first report, Khalil published a testimony of Nasir describing “atrocities” in Kashmir.

10. So who is Nasir Qadri? Nasir Qadri is the Founder and executive director of Legal Forum for Kashmir (LFK), earlier “Legal Forum for Oppressed Voices of Kashmir (LFOVK)”. He operates from Pakistan. Nasir has global connections and has visited Turkey frequently.

11. For example Nasir was at the conference on May 19-22, 2022, in Konya, Turkey. The conference was co-sponsored by Istanbul Bar Association. In the picture, he could be seen sharing a dais with Abdul Rashid Turabi (Jamaat-e-Islami), Ghulam Nabi Fai (WKAF), Waleed Rasool (IIUI).

12. In this photo Qadri can be seen with Mubeen Shah (President, Istanbul-based ‘Kashmir House’), & Ghulam Nabi Fai they visited the ‘Economic and Social Research Center' (ESAM) in Turkey in Feb 2022. Syrus Qazi, (Pakistani Ambassador to Turkey) also participated in the meeting.

13. Qadri seems to have close connections with Jamaat-e-Islami, Pakistan and DG-ISPR as well

14. Nasir Qadri founded "Legal Forum for Kashmir". Earlier known as “Legal Forum for Oppressed Voices of Kashmir” (LFOVK), It is based in Pakistan. After the website got banned in India, it is being run under a new domain

15. All these entities and people are involved in anti-India propaganda. You can see it in the below screenshots.

16. Qadri has founded LFK and is having close association with the Islamabad institute of conflict resolution (IICR) which is a partner organization of the Parliamentary special committee on Kashmir, Pakistan.

17. Interestingly, one of the partner org of IICR is World Kashmir freedom movement (WKFM). Muhammad Ayyub Thakur established WKFM. Thakur was the founder of a charity Org called 'Mercy Universal'. In 2011, according to a report by The Telegraph, It was a front group for ISI.

18. After an investigation by the British Charity Commission, Scotland Yard, and the FBI, it was stated that his organization had direct contact with Hizbul Mujahedeen. In 2001, the Indian Government had booked him for providing financing & logistical support to terrorists.

19. His son Muzammil Ayub Thakur is an active Kashmiri separatist living in London. Muzammil regularly features on TRT World as a Kashmir expert and has endorsed LFK through TRT

20. A meeting was held at the headquarters of (ESAM) in Turkey in Feb 2022. In the meeting resolutions were made by Mubeen Shah (Founder-Kashmir House, Turkey) explaining the purpose of establishing ‘Kashmir House’ and described the main components of KASHMIR HOUSE as follows:

21. Advocacy/political engagements: Under this, the Kashmir House will engage with the Turkish government, political parties, civil society, think tanks, and universities, besides diaspora groups based in Istanbul and worldwide.

22. It will be an open platform for all activist groups all over the world to engage and make a common program of right to self-determination.

23. Institute of Kashmir Studies: Under the Kashmir House, this group intends to run a research center under the banner of ‘Institute of Kashmir Studies, Istanbul’ to produce content regarding the struggle of Kashmiris in different languages.

24. This literature will be produced and shared with every institutions and individuals.

25. Kashmir Aid: After generating financial resources, this group intends to launch a humanitarian aid group – Kashmir Aid – to help different communities in special needs inside territories of influence under Turkey

26. Kashmir Mediascape : The Kashmir House intends to launch news/views/comment websites and magazines/newspapers/newsletters regarding Kashmir from Istanbul.

27. Business Model to support operations of the Kashmir House: Kashmir House may open a small-scale business organization to generate funds to support its operations of the Kashmir House. This one is already registered while the NGO registration is under process.

28. It is a well-planned execution by multiple entities operating from Pakistan and Turkey. Reports were published by a shadow entity (Stoke White) in London operated from Turkey.

29. Propaganda was pursued by the Pakistan-based anti-Indian organization Legal for Kashmir and a campaign on social media was initiated. The campaign is a joint venture of Kashmir separatists operating from Turkey, London, and Pakistan. Here is the full picture of the cartel👇

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