nsfw (osaatsu) #miyacestober2022 day 17 • debt , underage (high school) // “ya ate my puddin’ again!” osamu complains, pissed off beyond belief. it was the only thing that got him through training, the knowledge that back in their dorms there was a sweet sweet +

prize waiting for him. a prize that atsumu had already claimed for himself, despite osamu /telling/ him not to eat his food /again/, despite him going to the lengths of labelling everything that was his to keep atsumu’s pig hands off them! “who said it was yers?” +

atsumu replies in that annoying voice of his. he’s lying on the floor— training was hard for him too. but maybe he doesn’t feel it. he clearly feels no remorse for constantly stealing osamu’s food. osamu flings the empty packet at his twin, getting a sense of satisfaction when +

it hits him square in the face. atsumu picks it up and looks at it, grimacing when he sees osamu’s name written all across it. “oops.” “don’t ‘oops’ me! how many times is this already, tsumu?” osamu isn’t just hungry, he’s angry. he’s /hangry/ for gods’ sakes. +

“god, what’s the big deal, samu? you’re like a girl on her period. it’s just some food, get over it.” but osamu won’t get over it. he doesn’t /want/ to get over it. “no,” he says, stalking towards his brother. “ya owe me a debt, and i’m gonna collect my payment now.” +

without any other explanation, he drops onto the floor and puts atsumu’s legs over his shoulders. atsumu asks what he’s doing, but osamu pays him no mind as he shoves down atsumu’s shorts and underwear, revealing his cock and hole. +

he reaches beside him for the bottle of lube left on the floor—take that, ma, being sloppy has its advantages—and slathers it on his cock, pumping himself to hardness. as a show of good gesture, he gives his brother’s entrance few cursory thrusts of his fingers. +

osamu groans with satisfaction as he slowly sinks into his brother, the lack of proper foreplay or preparation making him tighter than usual. below him, atsumu is watching him with wonder in his eyes, furiously jerking his cock so he can be hard too. +

all of his fatigue from training forgotten, osamu fucks his twin roughly, getting out all of his anger by pounding his ass. in some ways, this is a better stress reliever than pudding. though, thinking of pudding just reminds him of the atrocity atsumu committed, +

which in turn just makes him angry again, his thrusts becoming rougher as a result. atsumu does nothing to hide his sounds, punctuated moans and swears, begging osamu to slow down, to speed up, to keep hitting that spot. but this is for osamu. +

it’s /atsumu/ who owes him, so osamu is going to do what /he/ wants. and what he wants is to come, desperately. he still can’t last very long when fucking atsumu, it just feels too good. but he doesn’t want to give atsumu the satisfaction of coming inside, +

because he knows atsumu will make him clean him up afterwards, so he pulls out and strokes himself to completion, coming onto atsumu’s sport uniform. when atsumu tries to touch himself again, osamu swats his hand away. “/me,/” he says, before pumping his twin’s cock until +

he comes with a shout. “fuckin’ hell,” atsumu says after. “what /was/ that?” osamu, kind of surprised himself, doesn’t say anything, leaning back against the bunkbed. in the corner of his eye, he spots the pudding he was deprived of. +

now that he’s fucked all his anger out, it’s been replaced with a sort of melancholy instead. he really did want to eat that pudding… atsumu follows his line of sight and rolls his eyes when he sees what osamu is looking at. he pulls off his shirt and gets up, +

walking over to drop it into their laundry basket. then he turns to osamu and says, “i should eat yer food more often. if it means i can get fucked like that.” osamu glowers. “ya better fuckin’ not.” he’s fuming just thinking about it. he thinks it might be time to implement +

the next step of his ‘keep tsumu outta my food’ plan. he needs to get a safe. “then get one for me too next time, if ya hate sharing that much.” “i’m not spending my allowance on ya. and knowing ya you’d eat /both/ and leave me with nothin’.” +

atsumu hums. “true enough,” he smirks. osamu balls his hands into fists. how did he get stuck with such an annoying, food-stealing, annoying twin? he barely restrains a scream. atsumu just continues cockily smiling at him. osamu gives him the finger.

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