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#miyacestober2022 Day 3 - Bonding (ft. abo) It wasn't supposed to take. Bonds between siblings never took. There was some kind of biological something or other that was supposed to prevent this kind of thing. It appeared nothing could stop them, not even the universe.>>

"Can you still feel it?" Samu asked quietly into the dark. They were laying side by side, staring up at the ceiling, barely touching except for the press of their pinkies firm against the other. Atsumu reached up to touch his neck, although he didn't need to. >>

He could feel the bond between them just as easily as the bloody mess Osamu had made of his scent gland. "Yeah." Atsumu overlapped their fingers a little more. "What are we going to do, Samu?" >>

It wasn't like they hadn't thought about it, talked about it, even dreamed about it. But it had always been just that, a dream. And now of all times? When Atsumu was about to leave for his first pro team and Osamu was trying to start his business. It couldn't have been worse.>>

"Samu?" His brother rolled over, quickly caging him in, surrounding him in alpha pheromones, in safety. It settled Atsumu as much as it riled him up all over again. "We'll deal, okay? We'll figure it out." "But Samu--" Osamu kissed him, hard. "I don't regret it.">>

He should. They both should. They never should have started this in fact. They were in so much trouble. Their parents would smell it right away. It wasn't illegal, but only because it wasn't supposed to be /possible/. They're whole lives would be defined by this. Forever.>>

And yet, everything in Atsumu released. Osamu didn't regret claiming him. His alpha /wanted/ him. It was what every omega could hope for, the love of a devoted alpha for the rest of their lives. "I don't regret it either," Atsumu responded, tilting his head up for a kiss. >>

Osamu was soft with him that night. Kissing him over and over again, gently cleaning the wound, guiding Atsumu through returning the favor on his own scent gland. In the morning, he would kick Atsumu out of the bed and call him dick breath until he brushed his teeth.>>

They would bicker over the last piece of bread and who made the coffee better, but in between Osamu would lean over and kiss the mark he left on Atsumu's skin. They would figure it out. //

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