Shri appar or thiru-navuk-arasar Shri thiru-navuk-arasar swamigal also called as àppar is one of the nalvar saints along with sambandar sundarar and manikavasagar . His verses on shiva are compiled in thevaram 4,5,6 cantos. He wrote 49000 songs where only 3030 is available.

Parents Pughazanar and maathiniyar were devout couples. They worship shiva earnestly. Pughazanar was commander in chola army. By shiva's Grace daughter was born to him. He named her thilagavathi. Later by Grace of shiva son was born to him. He named him marul neekiyar

Misery struck thilagavathi She grown into Beautiful girl. Father took alliance of her with another commander kazhi pagayanar. She took him as her husband mentally. Some days later pughazanar died from illness. Maathiniyar commited sati. Kazhi pagayanar too died in battlefield.

Determination of thilagavathi She was troubled by these miseries also had duty of looking after her young brother. She decided to remain unmarried and in service of shiva and his devotees. Boy was well versed in studies and he did higher studies in Patliputra.

Sister worried He changed his name to dharmasen. He was great scholar but due to forces of karma he left shiva worship and this worried his sister. She prayed to thiruvadhirai veerathaneshwarar. Shiva told in dream that her brother will come back to him. She was relieved

Stomach pain Severe stomach pain developed for dharmasen. He tried various ways but couldn't get cured. So he thought of visiting his sister. She advised him to worship shiva. She gave vibhuti as Prasad and then his pain got reduced. He went to temple and worshipped.

Thiru-navuk-arasar His pain went off completely. He went to bhava state and tears flowed from his eyes. He composed first song of thevaram kootrinavayiru. Pleased by this shiva gave him title thiru-navuk-arasar meaning king of speech. His sister was most happiest one.

Torture won't affect him Pallavas king who ruled at that time was great hater of shiva and his devotees. He called thiru-navuk-arasar and told him to leave shaiva. He refused hence he decided to torture the sage. He thrown sage in front of elephant but it bowed down.

Thrown in river He thrown him in lime quarry. But as soon as àppar sang song it became cooled. Finally he decided to throw àppar in river tied with stone. Saved timely by Varuna bhagwan on order of shiva & reached other shore safely. King apologised for his mistake. Sage forgives

Uzhavara Pani Thiru-navuk-arasar saw temples are in diplated state hence he decided to revive temples and upkeep them. It's is called uzhavara in temple. It is still continue by the devotees still today. Removing thorns and keeping garden removing stones from sand are part of it

Vrishaba mudra Thiru-navuk-arasar want to purify his body  so he requested shiva to place his mudra on his body. So a Ghana from Kailash came unknown to other eyes placed vrishaba & trisula mudra on both hands of appar & disappear. All were astonished. Àppar went to many temples.

Shivas feet at thiru-navuk-arasar head As thiru-navuk-arasar requested shiva told him to come to nallur periya andaveshwarar temple and kept his holy feet at head of Saint. Saint overwhelmed and sang verses. He then went to Chidambaram and reached sirkazhi shortly.

Meeting thiru gnana Sambandar Thirugnana sambandar was great Gyani who attained gyan at 4 years. He was given her own milk by mata parvati herself. Thiru-navuk-arasar went to meet him. Sambandar too want to meet thiru-navuk-arasar. Both met midway. Sambandar gave him name àppar

Travel together They went to many temples and travelled together and sang verses. Both loved each others company and days happily passed . Sambandar enquired about thiruvarur àppar sang muthu vidanam. Ecstatic sambandar immediately went to thiruvarur. Àppar visited many shrines.

Abhooti adigal When àppar reached thingalur he saw many charitable works in name of appar like àppar Gurukul àppar vedpathsala àppar yagyasala àppar Dharamsala so on. He enquired and found rich man from that city abhooti Adigal doing this. He worship àppar as his guru too.

Àppar went and sat in thinnai of abhooti Adigal. After testing determination àppar reveals himself to them. All were astonished and fell at feet.they requested àppar to have meal with them. Àppar hesitantly Accepted. Their youngest son went to pick banana leaf. Snake bitten him

Son died Abhooti adigal son died of snake bite. But couples doesn't want to miss the opportunity to serve àppar even in this time of tragedy hence they hid corpseinside house and was ready to serve àppar  but àppar refused and said to call his all sons. He enquired about last son

Son revived They told truth. Àppar went with dead body of son in front of temple sang verses. boy came alive by Grace of shiva.All were amazed and happy. Àppar ate meals with them. Next his temple visit he sang in praise of abhooti Adigal too. Abhooti adigal is one of nayanmars.

Gold coin by shiva Severe drought hit city that time. Àppar and sambandar discussed it and prayed to shiva. Shiva told them not to worry. He will give 2 gold coins daily on East and West side of temple and with that shiva told both to buy grains ftom outside and feed people

Vedaranyam temple doors opening and closing Vedaranyam is where Vedas worshipped shiva. This temple was locked by king & for many years it was not opened. People used alternative door to enter temple. Àppar & sambandar saw this and decided to go there. They saw plight of devotees

Doubts at àppar mind Àppar sang ten verses and door opened now for closure of door sambandar sang one song and door closed. All were amazed. But àppar was confused why shiva waited till ten songs of him to open door while he closed door on single song of sambandar.

Come to Thiruvaimoor temple Shiva came in dream and ordered àppar to come to Thiruvaimoor temple. Àppar opened his eyes he saw shiva walking in front of him. He followed shiva and reached Thiruvaimoor. Sambandar too reached there. Shiva told both were equally loved by him.

Finding shivling at pazhayarai Àppar saw shivling missing at pazhayarai. He went fast unto death. Shiva appeared in kings dream and said shivling was buried in certain place by miscreants. King following shiva orders found shivling and punished miscreants.

Shiva feeding àppar Àppar went an hardurous journey to go to thiru-painji-malai temple. Shiva saw àppar hungry he disguise bas priest created pond with few trees and asked àppar to have meals. Àppar happily ate meals.  Both went walking few steps before shiva disappeared laughing

Àppar carrying palanquin of sambandar. Àppar saw Sambandar victory at Madurai. He decided to take palanquin nof sambandar. When sambandar searching àppar voice from below came adiyen is here. Sambandar terrified went down & asked why àppar did this. Both again happily spent time

Àppar tour Àppar visited Madurai. He was welcomed by king. He then visited Kanchipuram thiruvannamalai and Srikalahasti. He visited Gokarna too. Then he visited kashi and did parikrama. Next he visited Kedarnath. Now ripe old àppar decided to visit Kailash

Kailash at thiruvaiyaru Àppar old age cannot move even a bit saw young sadhu coming to him. He tested àppar determination to visit Kailash. Shiva voiced him to take dip at ganga. Àppar did so & saw he was at thiruvaiyaru temples tank.

Final days In thiruvaiyaru àppar saw divine Kailash darshan. He sang famous madar pirai kanni song there. He saw various forms of shiva and shakti. Àppar reached 81 years. He reached pughalur. He waited for his Mukti and pleaded shiva at agneepureshwara temple

Final Test and mukti He saw once land turned in to gold and diamonds he just disgarded it and continuing shiva worship. Apsaras from devlok danced in front of him that too couldn't tempt him then finally shiva came as Jyoti form and àppar merged with shiva

Legacy Àppar still very famous and his statue is there in all over ancient shiva temples in tamilnadu. His guru pooja on chitirai sadayam. Sundarar and Basaveshwara and all later saints praised him. Uzhavara Pani by àppar is still continue today in tamilnadu Thiruchitrambalam

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