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30 Dominant Moves You Must Try With Your Lover In Bed [THREAD]

1. Have her suck on your fingers 2. Have her gag on your penis 3. Have her wear a butt plug 4. Have her call you Sir or Master 5. Have her beg you for something

6. Have her tied to the bed 7. Have her leaning out of a window as you take her 8. Have her give you a mid-sex blowjob 9. Have her take your prize in all 3 places 10. Have her be slapped over the face with your penis

11. Have her drool all over your penis 12. Have her wear the craziest lingerie or outfits you like 13. Have her get impregnated by you 14. Have her be whipped or caned by you 15. Have her play with herself for you

16. Have her lick you everywhere 17. Have her gargle on your prize 18. Have her wear a ball gag 19. Have her wear a slave collar and leash for you 20. Have her screaming loudly into the pillow

21. Have her shaking on the bed from the intensity 22. Have her “squirt” all over the covers uncontrollably 23. Have her in public somewhere 24. Have her filmed or photographed during sex 25. Have her begging for rougher and rougher sex

26. Have her crawl between rooms for you 27. Have her kiss the tops of your feet 28. Have her claw your back in ecstasy 29. Have her thank you for such a good time 30.Have her lick up your prize from the floor

If you’re ready to get dark and nasty with your lover, but you’re worried she might turn down all of these ideas… Then take a look at our step by step process on how to change this! Click below and start before the price rises on 30th Nov 🚨⬇️

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