cw// nsfw, alcohol, miyacest The twins having a drinking night as usual, they talk about everything and nothing but like pent-up young adults, they start to tall about their sex lives. It's all shit and giggles, telling each other their worst fuck and the best, +

and then Atsumu mutters, "no, really, I think I jerk off weirdly" And Osamu just laughs at him because it's pleasure, there's no way Atsumu believes there's a /right/ way to jerk off and that he is doing it /wrong/

Osamu teases him about being such a perfectionist and eventually pisses Atsumu off so much that his brother tells him he'll show him just just he can judge for himself A drink less on him and Osamu would have refused because those fantasies he buried back in his horny teen years

Right now though, he grins and says "heck yeah" before he and Atsumu stumble giggling into his room. Surely Osamu expected him to fist his dick and a weird angle, to sputter bad dirty talk even if his hand was the only partner he had or maybe even pulling out some

of those fantasy dildos, dragon sized or tentacle shaped or something. What Atsumu does is not weird, hell, Osamu has been watching a lot of videos like this but it had never seen so enticing.

Atsumu is riding a pillow. Right in front of his eyes, his eyes are glassy and his mouth open, letting out little pleasure noises. It suddenly makes sense, they've leave together for so long,

Atsumu had caught him /several/ times with a hand around his dick but it was never the other way round...but he does remember watching his brother "sleeping" with a pillow between his legs, he thought it was a posture thing, not that he was humping his pillow

while he was on the room. The thought just makes everything a hundred times hotter and Osamu's panta feel tighter where they were just staring to become uncomfortable.

He is drunk, so excuse him if he doesn't have enough decency to not jerk off in front of his twin, currently moaning like a pornstar in front of him. When he pulls out his dick, Atsumu, honest to god, whines and his tongue slips off his tongue.

"What a whore" Osamu mutters, spitting on his hand to make the slide of his hand easier. Atsumu nods absent-mindedly, hips still moving against his pillow, getting it wet and messy with all the precum leaking from his dick.

"Ya want to fuck a pussy that bad, 'Tsumu? Or do ya want a piece of ass?" Atsumu whines, getting on all fours, stance widening and hips pistons against the pillow. Osamu honestly can't imagine him fucking someone with that slutty look on his eyes, he seems ready to take cock.

And that's how he finds himself jerking off faster, words slipping from his lips mindlessly. "Or maybe yer exactly where ya wanna be, doncha, Tsumu? Ya just need someone to fill up yer slutty hole"

"Fuck, Samu!" He buries his face on the sheets below him but he can't seem to stop moving. "Ya can't say shit like that...gonna make me cum" Holy shit, /fuck/.

The noise Osamu's hand makes while moving over his dick is downright sinful and he can only imagine how much better it would sound if he were fucking Atsumu's thight hole "Ya wanna cum, Tsumu? Gonna make a mess of ya just because yer little brother found out what a slut ya are?"

"Yes," Atsumu breathes out, locking eyes with him for a second and even over the drunkness on them, there's so much honesty that Osamu groans deep from his chest.

"Yer so sexy, baby, cum for me." "C-Cumming, Samu! I'm-" he cuts himself off with a loud moan, hips jerking while he makes a mess of the pillow and sheets below him, crying out while still looking at Osamu.

Osamu has had a lot of people in bed, most of them /begging/ for a chance with him, he had been desired but never this bad. Never like the desire that burns in Atsumu's eyes as he cums screaming his name /and he hadn't even touch him/.

"Fuck!" He ends up spilling over his own hand, milking himself dry, watching as Atsumu whines, unconsciously licking his lips. Osamu's dick gives a light twitch thinking of a cum filled Atsumu, of getting it on his hair, his holes, just ruining Atsumu.

"That was not weird, Tsumu" he mutters once he regains his breath and starts to feel Atsumu's aura change into something akin to regret and fear. Atsumu perks up from the bed, wincing when his dick drags across his mess below him.

He hops off his pillow and sits on his knees, big, doe eyes expectantly waiting for Osamu's verdict. "That fucking hot, baby"

Atsumu grins and blushes a little like some kind of innocent girl, it warms Osamu's heart...and dick, thinking of just how much he will do with his twin from now on. //fin

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