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Passive Income Thread - @@FreewayFi - Freeway is a hedge fund using quant trading to reward investors 43% APY on blue-chips cryptos. - This ๐Ÿงต answers what is Freeway,how they offer high APY,& my thoughts. -My full review is on my website(under farming)

๐Ÿงต Contents: - Background - What are Superchargers? - How does Freeway Generate Revenue? - $FWT Token Explained - APRs offered - How to get max APR - $FWT Staking - Setup - 43% APY Sustainability & Safety, Payouts? - Does Freeway actually pay its users? - Risk - Future plans

Background - Freeway is a digital asset management platform offering some of the highest APY rewards on blue chips. - Freeway earns revenue through FX trading. - 80% of total profit is returned to investors. - Invest in "superchargers" to earn yield on your bluechips. 1/

What are Superchargers? - When you deposit your crypto into Freeway you are given Superchargers or "Simulated Tokens", which are 1:1 tokens that earn interest in volume. - Your Superchargers are bought back in a 1:1 ratio in your initial token deposit + interest earned. 2/

How does Freeway Generate Revenue? - Freeway takes your investments and deposits them into their brokerage account. - They can BORROW, with a 30:1 leverage, against their deposits without risk of liquidation. - They take the borrowed funds and use them in Quant FX trading. 3/

$FWT Explained - $FWT is a utility token that is a "catalyst" for additional rewards in the Freeway platform. - $FWT is NOT needed to earn yield on your deposited bluechips but it does give an added bonus. - 4B $FWT tokens & $40M Market Cap. - Buy on Uniswap or Pancakeswap. 4/

APRs offered Freeway offers differentiable returns on your bluechips. You can earn UP TO the following APR's for depositing your blue chips into the Freeway Platform: - $USDC 43% APR - $BTC: 43% APR - $ETH: 43% APR - $ADA: 43% APR - $BNB: 22% APR 5/

How to get max APR 43% is not guaranteed by just depositing. Break down of APR: - Initial deposit: 20% - Lockup 30 days(max lockup): 10% - Stake 5% of your Superchargers value in $FWT: 10% (Ex: $100 deposit need to stake $5 worth of $FWT to get 10%) - Join email list: 3% 6/

$FWT Staking Estimation for max APR -You must consider Blue Chip Assets & $FWT price action. -If $FWT price drops relative to the value of Supercharger, you will need to stake more $FWT. - Image: Summary of what you can expect to stake in $FWT to maintain the max bonus: 7/

Setup Process - Sign up (KYC for legal reasons) - Use my Referral: for 2% bonus. - Choose your Supercharger & lockup period - Enter the amount of $ you want to invest - Send the USD equivalent of the token (on the same network) to the Freeway's Wallet 8/

Get $FWT - Using Crypto dot com, buy $BNB and send it to your MM wallet (On the BSC) address. - Exchange $BNB for $FWT on Pancake swap (avoid $ETH, gas sucks) - Send $FWT to Freeway Lite Account/ Wallet - Include transaction hash and sending wallet address 9/

Transaction Confirmation To confirm go to transaction history on Freeway lite to ensure your stake and supercharger are populated, to do this: - Click Profile - Transaction History - View order details 10/

43% APY Sustainability & Safety, Payouts? - According to their docs, they earned 100% APY using quant trading on FX. - In the case of mass withdraws, Freeway claims to keep a high ratio of assets owned: borrowed to pay users. - Crypto price volatility does not affect APR. 10/

Does Freeway actually pay its users? - Yes, there are plenty of instances where doxxed twitter users showcased their payouts. - Your portfolio value and rewards can been seen on the dashboard. Great thread showcasing off rewards & payouts 12/

Risk - "Lower risk", team is doxxed, legal and going through audit. - Principal payout is guaranteed, APR can vary. - Quant trading is difficult to scale. - Denied lending against crypto results in a dead platform - Centralized. 13/

Future Plans - Plan on creating an L1 chain & their own stable token. - Centralized credit system. - Treasury-as-a-service & insurance for startup crypto projects. - Plan on getting rid 14/

Summary - Freeway is a platform offering 43% APR on bluechip cryptos. - Revenue is generated from quant trading FX. - APR's have been sustained for 1 year+. - Lower risk but requires KYC and is centralized. 15/

My Thoughts - Freeway is an incredibly innovative protocol. - Quant trading is difficult and requires a skilled team to update the trading strategy. - Freeway consistently pays rewards and seems to be sustainable - I don't like the "CeFi" portion of the protocol. 16/

My Thoughts (continued) - Until I see actual data and Freeway's trading strategy, it is difficult to give my trust in this project. - Freeway is in the audit process, this info will be available soon. 17/

Spread the word - A ton of time went into researching this platform. - I reached out to Freeway's CMO and he was happy to answer my questions. - If you got any value from this post or were interested in Freeway, please RT. - Read my FULL review and setup guide on my website.

My Website - - You can reference the full thread and review on @freewayfi on my website(under farming) - There are 40+ articles on the website that teach passive income and Defi. I am always adding new info. - All information is and always will be free.

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