Lawrence AKA Coding Paths

Lawrence AKA Coding Paths



My thoughts on mastering data structures and algorithms as a self taught dev. If you've learned to code on your own or through a bootcamp, you may be tempted to grind Leetcode very hard next because that's what's recommended so often. Before you do that, consider: *thread*

There's ample SWE positions that do not require DS&A whiteboard style problems as part of their interview process. Non tech companies in particular often will focus more on projects, take-home assignments, and technical questions to gauge your knowledge as opposed to DS&A

There's an entire github repo of companies that do *not* do DS&A whiteboard interviews: If you've assessed you absolutely need to know DS&A for your next interview, Leetcode still isn't the first stop.

Ppl recommending that typically have taken a DS&A course in college that gives them a proper background to succeed. Going hard on Leetcode w/o prior coursework is like taking a finals without ever going to the class-not a recommended path to success.

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