Path To Manliness

Path To Manliness



What a Father Should Teach His Son [THREAD] 1. What To Look For In A Wife Most guys look for a woman they are attracted to. You need to look for a woman who holds your ideals and values. Because she will be spending most of the time raising your children

2. WHAT TO LOOK FOR IN A WIFE! Not a typo. This is the most important decision a man will ever make. The after effects of this singular decision will ripple through the rest of your life Find someone you'll love to be with on Friday night as much as you'll love Saturday morning

3.Take Responsibility For Your Actions You are going to fail. Part of being a man is understanding how to cope with your failures. And as you become more experienced, you'll begin to see these moments as valuable teaching lessons. That is, if you're willing to own your actions.

4. "You're Not Supposed To Be Fighting Dragons That Aren't In Your Way" I borrowed this one from Jordan Peterson because it's excellent advice. To many people seek out drama and problems that are 100% avoidable. Sometimes you must cut these people or addictions out of your life

5. No One Will Save You When men graduate and enter the real world, it's a shock. They are constantly being protected and taken care of. Then, seemingly overnight, you are expected to provide for themselves and for others. And rarely will you be given any recognition. Accept it

6. Nobody Owes You Anything You aren't entitled to anything. You don't deserve a break. Nothing is owed. If you want something, find a way to create, produce or provide. The path to a happy life is founded in understanding you must earn everything that you want.

7. Adopt The Abundance Mindset The biggest problems you'll create from yourself will happen out of desperation. If you believe this is your only shot at love, you'll find yourself in a toxic relationship. If you think money is rare, you'll never imagine how much is out there.

Adopt the Abundance Mindset and you'll see that there are opportunities everywhere. This will require you to put yourself out there, take risks and to work through challenges and even failures.

8. Overcoming Adversity and Failure is the Key To A Successful Life Average people give up at the first sign of struggle or adversity. They'll tell you how unlucky they are. Successful people admit they setbacks. But they had a mindset that made them power through.

9. Never Stop Improving, Learning and Growing Whenever you finish an amazing accomplishment. Enjoy it for a moment... Then ask yourself, "What's next?" If you want a fulfilling life, keep pushing yourself. Keep learning new skills. Keep growing and you'll find success.

10. Stay In Shape And Eat Right Everything in your life comes from your diet and exercise. Your health. Your energy. Your mindset. Take care of yourself and life will open up doors for you. Better quality women. Better job opportunities. Better lifestyles.

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