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Saif Ali Khan wants to reimagine Ramayana to show Ravana as a good person & justify Sita’s abduction. This is most disturbing & must be opposed. Why at a time when states are struggling to deal with increasing kidnappings? Maybe Saif’s anti-Hindu family history can explain

Saif’s ancestors came to India from Afghanistan & rose to power under Mughals. They assisted British against Hindu kings in establishing empire. Saif’s family has ISI connections. One of them was top choice for ISI chief post. Saif is proud of it all, and named his son Taimur

Said’s ancestry in India begins with arrival of Salamat Khan in 1480 AD. Babur, Timurid ruler of Kabulistan, defeated Ibrahim Lodhi in first Battle of Panipat and established Mughal rule. Salamat’s great-grandson Muhammed Pir rose to power in Akbar’s court Source: The Hindu

Salamat’s descendent Alaf Khan helped Mughals in battle against Hindu Maharaja of Jaipur and was rewarded with Kalam mahal (which today is known as Pataudi House neat Delhi Gate). From same family, Faiz Talab Khan helped British against Marathas.

As reward, Faiz Talab Khan became first Nawab of newly established princely state of Pataudi in 1804. Saif was (symbolically) anointed 10th Nawab after death of his father Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi in 2011 Read:

Saif’s ISI connect: Mansur Khan's cousin Major General Isfandiyar Ali was one of the contenders to the post of ISI chief in 2012. Isfandiyar’s father Mohammed Ali, who was younger brother of Mansur’s father Iftikhar Ali, was also a general in Pak army

Mansoor’s uncle Shahryar Khan, who was son of elder sister of Mansur’s mother, has served as former foreign secretary of Pakistan and chief of the Pakistan Cricket Board Now, moving on Saif’s legal battle for Bhopal royal property on which Govt of India also has a claim:

In 1939, Saif’s grandfather Iftikhar Khan married Sajida Begum, daughter of the last Nawab of Bhopal, Hamiduallah Khan. Hamidullah ruled over an area with 80% Hindu population & was opposed to joining India in 1947 but Sardar Patel foiled his plan

Habiduallah wrote to Jinnah saying he wants to merge Bhopal with Pakistan as he has been a “staunch supporter of Pakistan and a loyal and devoted friends of the Muslim cause in India” He also jailed Shankar Dayal Sharma for agitating against Nawab’s plan

Sajida’s sister Abida Sultan was to inherit royal property but moved to Pakistan. While govt of India laid claim on it in 2015, Saif’s mother Begum Ayesha Sultana Khan (Sharmila Tagore) is pursuing a court case to establish her Mansur Ali Khan as heir

Mansur’s sisters Saleha Sultan and Sabiha Sultan are engaged in a legal battle with Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Khan and Begum Ayesha (Sharmila) for division of 6000 acre of property

In a 2011 interview, Begum Ayesha (Sharmila) lamented that Indians don’t respect royal titles whereas titled people are respected in England. She said it’s because people are “uninformed”

In same interview, Sharmila said that Saif is very much into family history and all her three children (Soha and Saba) are conscious of their ancestry but in a nice way." In a recent interview, Saif said that there was no concept of India until British gave one.

Saif also suggested that his family members who shifted to Pakistan did so as they thought India won’t be a secular country anymore (as if they were moving to a secular state!) Saif’s own grand-uncle Sher Ali who joined Pakistan Army was an advocate of Islamisation through Army

Saif’s has inherited Nawabi shauqs from father. Like Mansur Khan, Saif too has been involved in hunting & killing of blackbuck. Mansur did so at a hunting expedition in Haryana’s Jhajjar in 2005. Police recovered carcasses of a female blackbuck

Like Mansur, Saif too married Hindu woman and has done so, twice. Amrita Singh was a Sikh who converted to Islam just married marriage. Their children are Sara and Ibrahim. Saif’s second wife is Kareena Kapoor. Their child is named Taimur Ali Khan.

Taimur name sparked much outrage among Hindus as Timur was a most barbaric invader and killer of Hindus. While Saif was vague about the choice of name in an interview, Kareena revealed that Saif, in fact, is an admirer of Timur

In same interview, Saif said that he cannot “realistically name his son Ram” In the land of Ram, an Indian citizen who otherwise insists he should not be judged by family history and Pakistan connections, can’t “realistically” name his son Ram Why?

Saif has a history of playing a womaniser on screen. Off-screen, he makes fun of sacred Hindu slogans like Bam Bhole

And now, in his own words, he wants to show Ravana in good light and justify abduction of women. While we will make every effort to expose the agenda, any Saif lovers would do well by following Saif himself: He doesn’t watch Bollywood films and so shouldn’t you!

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