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🔶💧#Zhongchi 🔞 ;;Mindbreak, 🪦🕊, Feral Morax, royalty AU Morax, the tyrant king of Liyue sat tall in his throne, sharp eyes cast down upon all those in the room. His servants bustled about trying to find some solution to the king’s newest request. What a funny bunch. There

never could be such a solution anyways, for nothing could be good enough for the flawless man of many riches. “I wish for you all to find a suitable partner for myself. Someone to carry my children and carry on the legacy of the kingdom. If you put anyone unbefitting before my

throne, I will behead them on the spot.” Morax had spoken, “do not take no for an answer.” It was really more of a game for himself, panic his workers and possibly get to behead people just because he could. What could be better, really?

It just so happens that, perhaps his workers had better taste than he had imagined. A few hours later, a sweet ginger boy was thrown before his throne, thrashing and yelling that he would not simply comply and that this was “completely ridiculous and inhumane” as he was pinned

down to the ground before him. Ah, what a sight. What disobedience, strength, and what a strong persona this boy had. He didn’t seem to be from around here either. Really, how interesting. Morax laughed out loud, “I thought I told you to bring me someone who could bare my

children.” “We have, sir! This boy he-!” The servant was kicked in the face and before anyone else could even react, he’d pushed himself up and began running. “Halt.” Morax’s voice ran through the room as he raised his hand. It was an order. One could physically not disobey.

The ginger tried to move his feet again, before glaring back. “Remove whatever spell you’ve put on me this instant.” He speaks harshly, giving a defiant glare. Morax rose from his throne before taking slow, calculated steps forward towards the boy. “I don’t suppose you’re from

here, are you boy?” the king hums in interest, finally reaching him and grabbing his chin between his thumb and forefinger. “I don’t have to tell you anything” the boy responds before spitting in his face, venom dripping from his voice. “You are a king, but you are not my king”

Morax scoffed, wiping his face with his long sleeve before leaning his face down even closer. “My, what messy manners you have. You must be that Snezhnayan boy all my servants have been speaking of.” he sighs, “how old are you?” “Why does it matter to you? I refuse to comply.”

Morax laughs again, “your clear disdain for me and your disobedience is amusing.” He purrs, “So then, is it true that you can have children as well?” The boy goes silent and looks away, his brows drawn together. “Oh, dear. What fun you’re going to be to break” Morax sighs,

“I’ve made my decision,” he says as he turns to one of his guards, snapping his fingers to allow him free movement. “Take him to the private dungeons. I believe we shall start our training there, no?” He smirks before looking over the boy again. “Your age and willingness to give

birth truly do not mean anything to me. I will make you mine, and you will learn to do as I ask” he tells him. It isn’t an order this time, it is a promise. He may not know of his age or name yet, but he will. Soon enough, he will squeeze out every bit of information he can.

So, the boy is sent to the dungeons once Morax’s spell is released, cursing and kicking the whole way there. Ah, how Morax adores such courage and brattiness. He finds it so adorable, and the idea of putting him in his place is even more exciting.

He wonders, just how should he punish such a sweet boy? What methods should he use to break him down? Perhaps he should dig further on him. Family, weaknesses, etc. all sound like good candidates to him.

Morax doesn’t waste time once the sun falls and moon rises, the stars twinkling above as he leaves his chambers, dressed in fine silk pajamas and holding a little lantern, guided by his guards. It takes little time to get to the private dungeon the boy is being held in and as

soon as the door is open, he hears a bitter “Fuck off” in the room. How… ill-mannered, again. There’s another guard already at the gate of the cell and Morax’s eyes glare as he realizes the man is practically taunting his little toy. “Who gave you orders to taunt whats mine?”

The man steps back immediately upon hearing the king’s voice, and perhaps the boy realizes just how truly powerful the king is for a moment as he hears a string of sobbing apologies immediately pouring from the guard’s lips. Morax steps forward swiftly, the other guard not

daring to step in as the king’s strong hand curls around the guard’s throat, lifting him up into the air. Right in front of his toy. “Hah, is this how you treat your subjects?” The boy asks and Morax’s eyes soften just the tiniest bit as he looks towards him, a small smile

curling up the corners of his lips. “Is that an issue for you, my dear?” “No.” The boy speaks, “I could care less. Though, it is interesting I have to admit.” Morax laughs again, the guard thanking this stupid boy internally as he’s let down with his life, nearly crying again

in relief. “Oh, how cute you are. Though, I suppose you’re still not ready to answer my questions?” “I’d prefer not to speak to your annoying face at all” the boy responds. “Hah, ugly. What a silly word.” Morax smiles, walking closer to the bars, “can I not even get a name?”

“Oh, a name hm? Let’s see… perhaps you can call me Childe” it’s a fake name, or maybe more like a code name. Either way, Morax knew it was not his true name, but he’d take it nonetheless. “Childe. How endearing. Now, what about age?” “I’m old enough” Childe speaks, crossing

his arms over his chest. “You truly are stubborn, aren’t you?” Morax questions. Childe laughs once more, “or do I just simply dislike you? A tyrant who holds no care for the children running in the streets or dying of illness, a tyrant who cares not for his people at all.”

Childe’s eyes are narrowing again and then he launches towards the bars, a small dagger held in his hands. Guards, truly useless aren’t they? To think they’d just let this man in without searching for weapons. Morax thankfully halts him before too much damage can be done, but

the knife barely pinpricks into his throat. Carefully, he leans back and sighs. “What a shame. I didn’t wish to punish you tonight, dear Childe. However, you have caused quite a problem.. it seems like I must.” He says before turning. “Unlock the cell. I will be going in. Alone.”

Morax steps in while Childe is still frozen in place, and for the first time Childe feels a genuine hint of fear. A man like this, who nearly killed a guard in front of his eyes for simply taunting him, what would he do to punish him for an attempt at taking him out altogether?

Morax walks around him, checking him out fully with a small sigh. “I’m going to escort you to my private chambers for this punishment.” He says, and Childe shivers. “Excuse me?” He asks. “Oh, don’t worry, I will not be touching you.” Morax says, but there’s a small smirk on his

lips once more and Childe isn’t sure exactly how he should take this. Morax looks over him and then grabs his hands. “Guards. Do not interrupt under any circumstances or it shall be your lives I take next.” He speaks before freeing Childe once more and dragging him along.

Perhaps it was silly to be excited, inviting his new toy to his private chambers for punishment, but Morax couldn’t help but feel his heart race at the thought. All of the ideas of just how well he would punish the dear boy. He just knows he will be fun to ruin.

It’s only once they get into Morax’s private chambers that Childe begins to realize just what might be going on. He did say he wouldn’t be touching him but… perhaps that was part of the punishment itself. It’s not like he’s a virgin anyways, since he was young he’s had to sell

himself off just to help his family survive. Things like death and the knowledge he was simply an object in most’s eyes didn’t phase him, but a king using sexual means to torture and punish him did make him unsettled in all honesty. How long could he last under that gaze?

Morax sighed as he took his gloves off. “What a shame. I’m so tired and yet I can’t even sleep because I’ll be so busy with your punishment. Maybe I should add on more time just for that.” Childe stays quiet, glaring at him from where he was practically glued in place.

“Still a little defiant? Don’t worry. You’ll learn.” Morax smiles, looking towards the door before setting a seal on it, just to ensure both of their safety. Slowly, again, he raises his hand and snaps his fingers and Childe is released.

“Hm.. perhaps I should rethink my idea from earlier. I think I’d much rather have you free like this. Wouldn’t it be far more fun having you trying to break free?” Childe freezes in place despite his freedom, “fuck you” he whispers. “I’m sorry, dear? I couldn’t hear that”

Childe’s quick on his feet, lunging towards Morax again while the man laughs and swiftly dodges him. There he goes, running right into another barrier behind the man. “Fuck!” Childe curses, hitting his fist against the barrier. “What even is this huh? Who would bless such a

big fucking asshole with powers like these?” “Unfortunately for you, it’s hereditary.” Zhongli hums, sitting down on the bed. “Our future children may very well have them as well. Now. Come, sit.” “Fuck you. As if I’d want to come sit next to you, you fucking bigheaded…”

Childe’s words are cut short as he’s forced to sit down by Morax. “Now, no need for such cruel words, you should be happy. I really am doing you a favor you know. Considering you tried to kill me.” Morax speaks, leaning in close and slowly beginning to undo the buttons of

Childe’s night shirt he was originally given by the guards. “We’re alike in size, so I wouldn’t mind sharing something comfier for you” he hums, “though it may still be a bit loose given you’re at least a good 5 centimeters shorter than me.”

Childe stays quiet again. He hates him, he really fucking hates him. Why is he suddenly acting as if he’s so sweet and caring? “Your skin is beautiful” Morax mumbles as he pushes the shirt off. So many scars, but also so many little freckles dance along every inch of his fair

skin. Morax can’t help but act on his impulses, leaning down and beginning to kiss over his skin. A breath audibly catches in Childe’s throat and Morax only continues, giving soft gentle kisses along his shoulder and up towards his neck, the king’s nose nudging at his jaw.

Childe breaks, if only for a second, his voice softened. “What are you doing?” He whispers, “I thought you said you wouldn’t touch me..” “I’ve changed my mind” Morax hums, “I wish to claim that of which will be rightfully mine” he says, tongue running along Childe’s jaw.

Childe shivers and his fingers dig into the blankets. “What’s yours?” he gasps, letting out a breathy laugh, “I am not yours.” “You will be” Morax whispers in his ear, fingertips slowly trailing from his waist to his hip bones, sliding under the band of his night pants.

Childe sighs again. Fuck this is stupid, but his touch feels nice and Childe hasn’t been touched in so long that he finds himself almost wanting more. He’s sure Morax would be pleased if he knew, but he won’t. Childe will let himself enjoy this no more than a moment longer

before he begins kicking snd screaming again like a deranged kid. Somehow, Morax manages to get the pants all the way off without him even standing and his cheeks tint pink as the man spreads his legs. “Ah, so you really are a cunt boy hm?” He whispers, his fingertips trailing

up Childe’s thighs. Childe bites back a sound before snapping his thighs shut around his hand. “Don’t” he mumbles, “weren’t you going to get my something more comfortable to wear?” “Using my own words against me, hm? You’re so cute” Morax sighs, getting up and kissing his cheek

“Though what’s more comfortable than being in the nude?” He teases, walking around the bed before opening a drawer up from the dresser next to it, bringing out a nice, ruby red silk robe. One to perfectly match the beautiful boy’s fair complexion and ginger hair. Even more to

make those blue, oceanic eyes pop even further. “Here you are” Morax speaks as he walks it back to him. “I’ll allow you to put it on yourself. You’re a big boy, I’m sure you can manage” he smirks, sitting down and snapping again. Childe feels the robe placed in his hands.

Was Morax really sharing such a fine silk piece with him..? He hesitantly stands up before carefully unfolding it and slipping it on, his cheeks turning a slightly brighter pink. It feels… nice. “How do you like it?” Morax asks, standing once more and moving in front of the boy

to carefully begin fixing his hair up. “You look quite beautiful and elegant in my eyes” Childe frowns. Ugh. Fuck this stupid asshole for treating him so decent right now. He knows his standards are low, but really? “The robe is nice, but I’m not giving in so easily.”

“Oh trust me, I know” Morax smiles, “but you say ‘so easily’ as if you know you’ll give in at some point. Am I already beginning to grow on you?” Childe’s eyes widen a little. He didn’t like whatever in his subconscious chose that wording. “Fuck off” he says, tying the robe up.

“You’re so cute” The king laughs, cupping his cheeks and leaning forward. The alarm bells in Childe’s mind turn back on, blaring loudly in his ears and when Morax leans in, he raises his knee and kicks him in the stomach before stumbling back. “What the fuck are you doing?!”

“My, can I not give what’s mine a kiss?” Morax asks and Childe’s glaring again as the man stalks towards him like a predator hunting its prey. “Get any closer and it won’t just be another knee to the stomach.” Childe says, practically backing himself into a corner. Fuck.

“Oh dear, I’m very worried” Morax laughs, continuing to step forward until he has Childe pinned against a wall. “You know, I’ve done some reading up on you since we’ve met” he whispers “a sweet boy from Snezhnaya who works for her heighness the Tsaritsa. You’re a spy aren’t you?”

Childe’s eyes widen again and he stays silent once more. “How would your little siblings feel if they knew just how much of a whore you’ve been, slutting yourself off to pay the bills? A cunt like yours doesn’t even deserve my cock to begin with” he mumbles.

“I don’t want your cock to begin with. You’re coming onto me, Morax. Not the other way around. Keep that in mind.” Morax hums, “You truly are an ungrateful bitch” he says, grabbing his thighs and shoving them apart. “Taking so much from me and yet not giving me anything

in return” he speaks, slowly sinking to his knees. Childe looks down. “I don’t owe you anything, you’re taking my freedom away, anything you’ve given me should be considered compensation” “Hm. What a funny way to look at things.” Morax says, looking up at him with a smirk.

Morax’s mouth opens, a large snake-like tongue slipping out and Childe does his best not to think about what the man is going to do. Slowly, that hand trails up his thigh and moves the parted robe aside, exposing his soft, pink pussy to him. “So beautiful..” Morax whispers,

despite his earlier far harsher words. Childe feels stupid when his heart reacts. If he could kill his natural reactions to things he would in a heartbeat. That tongue doesn’t poke out this time, in fact, when Morax licks his lips, his tongue is normal again. Childe wonders

if perhaps he could have just been seeing things. As if that was the most of his worries currently. The boy bites back a moan as Morax leans in and licks a fat stripe up his cunt, wanting to close his thighs, though they’re kept in place by the king’s hands.

“You’re mine” Morax mumbles again, teeth grazing over his clit before he wraps his lips around it and sucks. Childe’s toes curl and despite him trying his best to hold the sound back, a loud moan escapes him, fingers tangled in the sheets and unable to react quick enough

to even cover his mouth. Hah, its so embarrassing. Morax chuckles against him as he pulls off with a small ‘pop’. “You get it now hm? I can make you feel so good… just as long as you’re good for me” he whispers, trailing a hand up further and slowly rubbing his thumb around the

boy’s puffy little clit. “You’re sensitive here, aren’t you?” “Hah… I’m not telling you shit” Childe whines, squirming a little as Morax rubs it faster. Like fucking hell he’s going to tell him anything like that. He doesn’t want this, he doesn’t. He doesn’t owe him shit.

Morax hums, amused. His thumb keeps rubbing his clit while he trails his other fingers up as well, easily pushing two inside the boy’s cunt, earning another whine from him. “Look at this, you fit two in so essily, don’t you? Just how many times have you been fucked and bred full

by some nasty men hm? How many times have you let your body be used up? You know, I’d kill every single one of them, anyone who’s touched what’s mine” he growls. Childe can’t even respond, not when Morax begins fucking him quickly with his fingers and rubbing his clit like this.

No, he’s going to finish embarrassingly soon and it’ll seem like he really likes it if he cums so fast. “Slow- stop- ha-“ Childe babbles out, his back arching off of the wall a little. His legs are already shaking too. It’s been so long since he’s been touched at all, he can’t

believe he’s actually moaning like this, and that it feels so… “Are you already about to cum? Look at you, shaking so much just from a little stimulation” Morax practically purrs again, kissing his thigh. “N-no!” Childe cries out, lying through his teeth. He’s so close to the

edge, and he knows it’s noticeable when he cums, because he’s trained himself to cum in a way that would be more pleasurable for his clients, give them the satisfaction of knowing he came for them. “I feel it. Goodness, you really are a horrible liar” Morax says, leaning in

again and sucking his clit once more. Oh does Childe make a mess, automatically cumming all over his fingers and his face, the king humming around him, making him jolt as he tries to push his face from his sensitive cunt.

Morax groans as he pulls off. “How dirty…” he whispers, slowly pulling his fingers out before licking them clean, as well as the trail of release dripping down his wrist. “Mmm.” Childe pants softly and tries to move away, quickly fixing the robe. “Is- is that good enough?”

“Hm? Are you tired?” Morax asks, looking up at him. “I want to go back to my cell.” “That’s a shame, I was hoping you’d stay in here with me tonight” Morax hums, carefully wiping his face as he stands back up, “or that we could perhaps go a little longer.”

Childe glares again and puts himself back together. “Take me back to my cell.” “I haven’t even given you a proper punishment either” Morax says, looking at him and quirking a brow. Childe goes silent. Fuck, this guy was obnoxious. He was beyond tired and honestly kind

of getting more pissed off again now. “Who do you think you are? Punishing me for defending myself?! Go fuck yourself. First you take me hostage for some sick little fucking game or whatever, you threaten telling my little siblings about my past which you had zero business

looking up to begin with and yet you have the audacity-!” Morax snaps his fingers again and Childe goes silent. Not another spell. Childe was honestly going to kill this man one of these days. “Stop speaking. You’ll only dig yourself a larger hole.” Morax sighs, “go to bed.”

Childe can’t even say anything, his voice completely taken from him, so instead he points at the door. “No. I’ll give you your voice back in the morning and you’ll return to your cell then. Sleep.”

Childe can’t really say no, but he can stay still. Regardless, Morax seems to think this isn’t his issue as he gets into bed. “Suit yourself then. If you get tired, feel free to join me” The elder sighs, covering himself up with the blankets and closing his eyes.

Childe is stubborn, he stays up hours even after Morax is asleep until he eventually feels himself about ready to topple over. Only then does he give in a little. He curls up on the floor and closes his eyes before drifting off.

The next morning, he wakes up in his cell again. He looks around, confused. He was even back in his night clothes from before. Had he dreamt what happened between he and Morax…? No… it felt so real, how could he have dreamt all of that? Childe sits up with a small groan,

rubbing his eyes and then stretching out. The door opens up and he quickly gets up to try and look out the bars. “Who is it?” “I’ve brought you breakfast. You woke up a bit too late to join me, but it’s fresh and warm” comes Morax’s voice. Childe scoffs and sits back down.

“I’m not hungry” he mumbles. “That’s a shame, I don’t remember giving you a choice.” Morax says, walking up to the bars. “Can you behave yourself if I come in?” “Do you want to test it?” Morax laughs again, “you’re even cuter when you’re all hangry like this.”

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