desi avocado 🥑 || whore arc (in theory only)

desi avocado 🥑 || whore arc (in theory only)



#sakuatsu nsfw Atsumu couldn't believe that he failed his college entrance test and now has to spend a whole year alone in the huge city of Tokyo. He needs to pass the test this time at any cost! Though the hot guy living in the neighbouring dorms isn't making things easy...

"Ah, not this shit again.", Atsumu cursed as he scribbled aggresively over the solved solution. He didn't understand inverse integration at all, no matter how many times he haggled the cram teacher to explain it to him or how many hours he stayed up late reading the theory.

It's not that Atsumu wasn't smart, he definitely had an intellect score more than the average person's (no matter what nerdy Osamu says), it's just that he was easily... distracted. The new TV programme, the ceiling lights as they flicker in the classroom, the digusting

munching sounds his brother /loves/ to create as be gobbles up his chips. Atsumu is easily distracted. Maybe that's why he didn't manage to answer the simplest questions on his college entrance exam.

Whereas his twin passed with flying colors and many congratulations and gained entry in one of the most selective colleges of their prefacture, Atsumu struggled to even qualify for a community college. Atsumu's failure stole away Osamu's success, and his parents were so scorned

and shamed by /their/ peers, that they decided to send their trouble maker of a son to the most promising cram school in Tokyo. Alone. And there's something Atsumu hasn't confessed yet.

Something not even his parents or twins know. While his classmates were busy figuring out how to equate the conductivity of a solution, Atsumu was busy fingering his ass to find that perfect spot which showed him stars. While Osamu was rote-learning then entire morphology

of the solanace family like the parrot he is, Atsumu was eagerly learning the muscular lines of his favourite porn actor. (Seriously, Hiro-san is such a good top specimen.) In other, concise words, Atsumu was a porn addict. He loved sensual thursts and sweaty bodies,

craved the feel of a tongue digging deep into his ass, longed for a touch of slender yet huge fingers stroking his cock. And the worst thing? He was a virgin! Honestly, have you heard of a life more pitiful that this?

So here we are, Atsumu bend over a desk, not to be fucked into oblivion, but coerced to solve mathematical equations thay should be illegal. Oh, and another problem. The dorm in which he is currently residing has huge windows, able to let the insider peak out directly into

the room of your neighboring dorm flat. The boys in his class love to discuss about how lucky they are sometimes to catch a glimpse of a girl changing her clothes, much to Atsumu's disgust. He didn't understand what was there to women to make them so desirable and

unfathomable. Though, he would have certainly prefered /his/ neighboor to be some ditzy, no-good girl than, than this /man/. He is tall, insanely so, that the top of his head is not visible as he walks by the window. A head full of stark black curls, dark poigant eyes

that seem to suck in Atsumu's soul when their eyes meet, and a sharp jawline that could cut glass. An objectively and subjectively attractive man. Atsumu didn't have many interactions with him, once in a fortnight, their eyes would meet, and he would smile, and the man would

nod his head in lieu of a greeting, lips lop-sided as if he was trying his hardest to not smile. What was so funny? Atsumu hated not being let on a joke, especially when it concerned him. Whatever, the boy clearly wasn't here to study.

Every night, he would invite a couple of friends over, and his room would be the only darkened one amongst the hundreds of students burning the midnight oil, lights ablzae. Atsumu only had a hazy idea of what entails in that dark, dark room. His best guess is drugs and alcohol

,perhaps sex too. One time, when his head was too heavy and he needed a break, he clamoured to the window for some fresh air. Atsumu saw the not-studying guy at his own window-sill, smoking something. The two buildings were close enough that if Atsumu out streched his hand, it

would graze the man's nose. They simply watched each other in silence, Atsumu's flickering lights casting a ghostly shadow on the man's face. He was beautiful.

"Care for a hit?", the man spoke finally, his voice deep and smooth, holding out his joint, offering Atsumu. For a second, Atsumu was tempted. Tempted to hold onto that pale hand and take an inhale from the joint. Tempted to beckon kiss the veins in the inner side of his wrist.

Tempted to gaze at the man with sensual eyes, bite his lips and ask a whispered 'care to come inside for a moment?'. Tempted to beckon the man inside, get drunk on his magic drinks, and have the stoner kiss and lick into his mouth with alacrity. Tempted to have him inside.

Instead, he collected his bearings and muttered back a small "no", scuryying inside, mindful of the dark eyes still watching him so intently. He couldn't focus on his studies later that night at all.

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