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Hard skills get you hired. But soft skills get you promoted. 11 soft skills to accelerate your career:

1. Communication: • Listen without interrupting. • Speak with a positive tone. • Pay attention to your body language.

2. Persuasion: • Identify what other people care about. • Create stories that resonate with them. • Communicate those stories with brevity and emotion.

3. Negotiation: • Listen carefully. • Understand what the other side wants. • Know your worth. • Then propose solutions that benefit both sides.

4. Relationship building: • Help others unconditionally. • Look for common interests. • Always add value before asking for something in return.

5. Empathy: • Take a genuine interest in other people. • Look at things from their perspective. • Acknowledge their feelings. • Never judge and always be supportive. • Be generous with your time and attention.

6. Positive attitude: • Never gossip. • Never complain. • Criticize sparingly. • Always speak well of others.

7. Teamwork: • Avoid claiming all the credit. • Celebrate other people's wins. • Praise teammates publicly and praise them generously.

8. Conflict resolution: • Avoid arguments and accusations. • Focus on solutions over problems. • Apologize unconditionally when it's your fault.

9. Emotional intelligence. • Never act impulsively. • Take a step back when you're upset. • Understand what you're feeling. • Understand the consequences of your actions. • Then proceed accordingly.

10. Time management: • Learn to prioritize. • Learn to delegate. • Learn to say no.

11. Work ethic: • Take responsibility for your work. • Always show up and deliver on time. • Always keep your commitments. • Never deflect blame on to others.

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