The Redheaded libertarian

The Redheaded libertarian



Congratulations to the Senate democrats for suddenly pulling ahead & winning surprise victories By the perfect margins 4 days after polls close In the dead of night Only in states with mail in voting For the 2nd time in a row. We’d never seen anything like it In 244yrs.

Why were there no vote 2am drops after we had so many in 2020? I was reliably told those were normal.

Republicans are like what 0 for 12 in winning in states where it takes more than 12 hours to call elections? Talk about terrible luck.

Call me a baseless disinformation Superspreading Mega Ultra MAGA conspiracy theorist if you will, but Katie Hobbs refusing to debate Kari Lake is looking pretty sus right now.

I believe Americans will start moving away from centralization & towards states rights, as it should have always been. That is, 50 sovereign states with trade agreements. I’m happy to live in the “crimson hellscape” that is Florida while everywhere else collapses into communism.

I’m sure these discrepancies could all just be coincidence and have very simple answers, and since I’m free to ask these questions now, when I risked being silenced in 2020, I’m going to ask them and anyone can answer them. This is how free discourse works.

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