#miyacest The twins make personalized porn for Aran, always have always will. It’s their own little reward for him being so open and understanding about their relationship, and Aran fucking LOVES it. He didn’t realize he had such a raging incest kink until Atsu’s fat, bubbly ass

was ruthlessly impaled on Osamu’s cock til he was cumming dry. He even makes requests sometimes, dressing them up in frilly costumes that they’ll rip off one another and making them moan his name as they cum together. They absolutely eat up the attention and beg for new videos

they could make to please Aran, to make their best friend rock hard in his pants. When he starts dating Kita, not a damn thing changes and Kita is happy to put in a few of his own requests that he’s been dying to see. Who are they to deny their captains?

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