SkTs Sakusa was always popular on the cam site he worked with. At first it had been how rude he could be, cutting words having men crawling to him. Begging for attention. Praise. After he bleached his hair, curls now white, Sakusa couldn’t stay off the front page. He always

wore earrings that dangled, extenuating the long line of his neck. His skin almost as pale as his hair. But with a nasty mouth made for degrading his pathetic audience. But before he would start a show, Atsumu would sit between his legs and do his nails. “What’s the

inspiration today, bunny?” Sakusa watched his boyfriend’s cheeks glow pink as he grinned widely at the pet name. “Me!” Atsumu hand painted little bunnies on his nails, a few just had carrots, a couple of ears, and his middle finger was a lilac pompom for the tail.

“So ya will think of me,” Atsumu painted on the top coat, shrugging shyly. “As if I could ever forget about you,” Sakusa brushed his lips across Atsumu’s brow. “You’re the only one that matters, bunny.” His chat flooded him with tips that night, begging him to call them his

little rabbits. Sakusa just laughed. “I’ve got the prettiest one, what would I need any of you for?”

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