Spartan Psyche

Spartan Psyche



Men, stop scrolling! You need to understand this...๐Ÿงต

Your life's story is like a frog in boiling water. Water around you is heating up slowly and you never realize until you're boiled alive. Your story is one of complacency and ignorance.

Observe the world, observe this pattern. Men like you, trapped in cycles of addiction and procrastination, indulgence and excess. No control, no desire for control. Completely oblivious to the decay and disorder this lifestyle brings until it's too late

You are trapped in habits and lifestyles that corrupt you, eat into your sanity and leave you a shallow withering husk of your true self. Where is your sense of adventure? Have you no pride or dignity? Brother, few will truly care and love you. For them, You must awaken.

You are too engrossed, too cosy and comfy in the grasp of momentary pleasure. But what is the cost? Who is paying for it? Understand, you are digging a hole with you right in the middle. By the time the veil is lifted, you will have no way to climb up. You MUST learn to resist.

Do not let a visit to the hospital, losing a wife or a house be your wake up call. The path you walk on leads there. This is not your story, not your destiny. Listen to my wake up call, be aware of your actions. You are not a frog. You are divine. You are potential

You live passively, stuck in a feedback loop, re-inforced by dopamine. Inaction, over indulgence and complacency has led you to this point. It's crucial now that you wake up and shake off the indifference. Embrace change, you can be better, you can be more. You owe it to yourself

Stop being comfortable. You have no vision. You are happy with less because you lack the courage to go after more. Do not turn a blind eye on how limiting this is. This ignorance is the hill you will die on. Forgotten, with no glory or accomplishments to your name. Be more.

I'm happy, I don't want to be better. Do you think your competition is speaking this nonsense? If you do not get better you will be left behind. Left behind means forgotten. Nobody is going to hang back and wait for you. This is the law of the land. Learn the rules.

You'll start tomorrow? There is NO tomorrow, it doesn't exist. Tangible results today far outweighs the promise of tomorrow. Reality check, It's already too late. More likely than not, you have a mountain to climb. It will overwhelm you. But, start somewhere. Take a step forward

Listen to my call to action. The time to invoke change is NOW. If you wish to have a positive transformation you MUST see reality for what it is. Stop hiding behind negligence and incompetence. It's time you got out of the pot. I will show you how.

To fight a demon you need to know it's name. Introspection is your best friend. Really dig deep into your self and separate the filth from the rest. Be brutally honest - time for bullshit has passed. It's time for a cleansing ritual.

Do NOT overthink. Avoid this, keep it as simple as possible and take it one step at a time. Physical and financial. Start with them. When you start improving the two, the ripple effect will cause a lot of knots in your life to untangle. Make improvements everyday.

Prioritize action and speed. Don't dwell on thinking for too long, immediately make a plan and get to work. Remember this is a marathon, so you better get started running. Make goals and stop obsessing over them. Split them into daily tasks and obsess over these. Greater ROI.

Breaking ingrained habits is no fun, but it is absolutely necessary. Remember the frog in the pot, he's aware of the boiling water now. All he needs to do is jump. In your case, break your limiting habits. You can do this by building systems.

Too many people live life unaware of their true potential. They are far too happy with being where they are even if it means self destruction. This will lead you nowhere. Boiling frog syndrome is a perfect metaphor to understand this. Start before it's too late.

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