// prostate exam part two: more dubcon. feel free to think of this as a pre-discussed roleplay "welcome back, sxn-ssi." sxn smiled awkwardly at doctor kxng. it was a little awful to be back here at the scene of his embarrassing orgasm, +

a little awful that the doctor looked more handsome than ever. even a month later he still burned with shame when he remembered it, but since then he'd practiced. he'd used vibrators and dildos and such and he was sure he wouldn't cum so fast this time.

"hi, doctor-nim," he said. "same thing as last time?" doctor kxng nodded. and then he hesitated. "ah, sxn-ssi, i have some students that need to gain practical experience. would you mind if they stayed here during your exam?"

sxn bit his lip. more people seeing him like that, his whole body on display? but…if the doctor was saying they needed the experience…and they were all professionals, it was—it would be fine. he nodded. "okay."

doctor kxng smiled, his pretty face making all of sxn's worries melt away. "thank you very much, sxn-ssi," he said sincerely, and then opened the door a little. "come in, you three!" …oh. as the doctor's assistants shuffled in, sxn's mouth went dry. he wasn't sure what he'd +

been expecting, but not people who were this hot. but then maybe good looks were a qualification to work at this clinic. "sxn-ssi, this is wyng, yvnhx and mngi," doctor kxng introduced. sxn waved at them awkwardly, already feeling himself begin to blush a little. "hi."

they all smiled at him. "hi," mngi said. his smile was a little dopey, eyes curving all the way up. the cuteness disappeared when his face went blank again, a little intimidating, especially when paired with his height.

"we hope you won't be too uncomfortable with us here," yvnhx said politely. oh, he was really handsome and tall and a little cute, like the man of everyone's dreams. "oh, no, that's okay," sxn mumbled, averting his eyes from yvnhx's blinding smile.

"aigo, it looks like he likes you, yvnhx," wyng cooed. he looked a little mischievous, the shortest of them all but his face and eyes sharp as hell. sxn went bright red. doctor kxng's lips were pursed. "wyng, what have we said about personal comments?"

"not to make them," wyng mumbled. doctor kxng nodded and turned to sxn. "my apologies, sxn-ssi, they're still learning." "that's okay," sxn said quickly. "should i just—" "yes, please," doctor kxng said. they all looked away as sxn stripped quickly, +

cold air rushing over his skin in a familiar feeling. he headed over to the table and bent over it, flushing in advance at how he was going to exposed to so many insanely attractive men. "i'm ready," he heard the shuffling from behind him, footsteps coming closer.

"alright, now watch closely, you three," doctor kxng instructed. were they all looking closely…right there? sxn squeezed his eyes shut, pretending there weren't a bunch of guys staring at his ass right now. like last time, he yelped when doctor kxng's lubed finger slipped in.

"so you press into it a few times," doctor kxng said, doing exactly what he was saying, making sxn shiver. "and rub over it, check for any bumps or irregularities." despite his clinical words, sxn's legs were already beginning to tremble. he was holding on better than he had +

last time, though, so he was proud of himself. doctor kxng finally pulled off, and sxn let out a relieved breath. "alright, now you three go." sxn's eyes flew wide open. "what?" "like i said, my students need practical experience," doctor kxng said. "just relax, sxn-ssi."

sxn was pretty sure the doctor had said they were only going to watch—but, well, if they were students they did need practical experience. it would be mean of sxn to not let them, especially since he was already here like this. "... alright," he said finally.

"thank you, sxn-ssi. yvnhx, you first." more shuffling, and what he assumed was yvnhx's hand landed on his thigh. it felt big, fingers light on sxn's skin. his hand crept up and up, and then his finger was forcing its way inside. yvnhx's finger was long, easily reaching his +

prostate and brushing over it, touch gentle but still capable of making sxn's knees weak. mngi was much the same, but a little more forceful, bullying his way inside and wriggling his finger around, quick and rough. wyng put his finger inside before mngi's was all the way out.

sxn let out a little moan at the unexpected stretch. no, he'd been trying so hard to keep his mouth shut! thankfully, the other four didn't mention it. wyng was rougher than mngi had been, his finger rubbing over sxn's prostate with far too much force, sxn's body jolting with +

each press of his fingertip. "doctor kxng did say you dripped a lot," wyng murmured. what? sxn looked down, a wave of shameful deja vu rushing over him as he caught sight of his indeed leaking cock.

doctor kxng let out a frustrated noise. "wyng, didn't i just tell you to keep your thoughts to yourself?" "right," wyng said, finally slipping his finger out. "sorry." sxn stayed there, breathing heavily. his legs felt like jelly from all that stimulation.

doctor kxng cleared his throat. "for the second test, i'm going to be doing it a bit differently this time. sxn-ssi, will you lay down on the bed?" sxn was a little confused, but he did so, shuffling up onto the bed and laying flat on his back. he avoided looking at his hard +

cock and the other four's eyes. "now just put your feet up, like this," doctor kxng rolled over some sort of steel instrument, tall enough that sxn's legs could hook over it. "like this?" sxn squeaked as doctor kxng spread his legs, wide.

"just like that," doctor kxng confirmed, draping a sheet over his legs. sxn couldn't see the rest of the room anymore, but he could feel the way he'd been spread wide open, everything on display even more than it had been before.

"i'm going to let my students perform the same test on you that i did last time, sxn-ssi. do you remember it?" "yes," sxn said, staring at the white ceiling. the same test that had made him come so hard his body had given out? surely they weren't going to do that thrice.

…right? "very good. wyng, you can go first." there was some shuffling, and sxn was pretty sure wyng had positioned himself right between sxn's spread legs. it was so humiliating, being open like this with four men there no doubt staring at his most private place, +

even though it was for a medical reason. something shoved into him. sxn let out a loud cry, head arching back. what—that was so big, and—so much, he was so full— doctor kxng let out an exasperated exhale. "be gentle, wyng."

wyng grunted in affirmation. he still wasn't very gentle, though, pushing the thing in and out of sxn at a rapid pace, unerringly hitting sxn's prostate every single time. all the dildos in the world couldn't have prepared him for this.

a particularly hard thrust in and sxn let out a loud moan, hands fisting in the bedsheets as he spilled all over himself, completely untouched. wyng stopped too, letting out another choked noise, and the room was quiet for a second. doctor kxng cleared his throat.

"sxn-ssi, did you orgasm?" sxn laid there, trying to to pant too loudly. "yes," he admitted, feeling even the tips of his ears burn though they couldn't see him. "while that's perfectly fine," doctor kxng said, "mngi and yvnhx still have to perform the exam, so i'm going to +

ask you to bear it for a little longer." even more? sxn—sxn wasn't sure he could take that, he was still shaking a little from the aftershocks of this orgasm, and overstimulation wasn't something he'd tried even on his own.

"thank you, sxn-ssi," came mngi's deep voice, and before sxn knew what was going on, something even bigger was pushing into him. "wait!" he yelped. he hadn't agreed yet, shouldn't they at least have waited— "i really appreciate it," mngi said, beginning to move whatever it +

was in and out. sxn gave up. "this—feels—ah—different than—wyng's," he said, voice all broken up by every thrust. "yes, they all have their own instruments they practice with," doctor kxng said. why was mngi's so big? and his aim was as perfect as wyng's, hammering +

in and out with no regard to sxn's pained noises, too sensitive still. his vision was blurring by the time mngi had stopped, but his cock was hard and red again, and he couldn't help the whine that slipped out when mngi retreated. "ah, i'll go now," yvnhx said.

sxn couldn't find it in himself to tell them to stop, because his cock was dripping again and, as terrible as it was, he needed the release. so when yvnhx pushed his large tool into him, sxn snuck a hand around to his cock, grateful for the sheet blocking him from them.

it was one thing to get off on accident from an exam, but another to do it on purpose. what would they even think if they knew that sxn was touching himself like this, using their need for practice as a means to orgasm? they'd think he was such a whore.

he felt like a whore, honestly, jerking himself off while yvnhx hit his prostate over and over, making sparks flash behind his eyes. and yet it felt so good, so good that he couldn't stop, moving his hand over himself faster and faster. he was biting his lips, trying so hard +

to keep in his noises, but as the pleasure rose and rose he couldn't hold them back. "i'm—fuck, i'm—ah!" he came all over his hand and torso, spread legs no doubt shaking with the force of it, clenching around whatever it was that yvnhx had put into him.

and yet yvnhx didn't stop, his relentless pace making the tears finally slip out of sxn's eyes, running down the side of his face. he laid there completely boneless, no idea of how long it had been before yvnhx finally stopped. he let out a helpless moan as whatever it had +

been was eased out of him, not even caring that he was gaping and open and they could all see it. "are you alright, sxn-ssi?" doctor kxng asked, pulling the sheet down and away. sxn tried to move his legs and found that he couldn't. it was worse now that they could see him, +

could see the cum drying on his abdomen and the way his ass was parted wide. "we'll take care of him, doctor-nim," wyng said. doctor kxng nodded and headed back to his desk while the other three converged on him. sxn couldn't meet their eyes, his face burning with the +

humiliating position he was in, teary and covered in his own cum. "aigo, sxn-ssi," yvnhx cooed. he grabbed a cloth and began wiping at sxn's face gently. sxn could make out mngi cleaning his stomach and wyng pulling his legs down. wyng lowered them slowly, clearly being +

careful of the stiffness in sxn's muscles. his hands were light, flighty as they ran over sxn's thighs, his hips, his ass… wait. was wyng supposed to be touching him like that? but when sxn looked, wyng's face was perfectly innocent. it had probably been an accident then.

he shouldn't be thinking of these students like they were perverts when he was the real pervert here, orgasming twice while they were only trying to get practical experience. so he laid there and let them clean him up, gaining enough energy to sit up with yvnhx's help.

he shuffled off the table, trying to stand— as soon as his feet hit the ground, his knees buckled. he was saved right on time by mngi's hand curling around his waist, keeping him up. "oh—thank you," sxn said, looking up at mngi.

then he flushed, all of a sudden far too aware of how his naked body was pressed so close against mngi's clothed one, about how they were all so dressed, and he was so…not. he coughed, pushing mngi away. "i'll—i'll get dressed now."

they turned around obligingly, and sxn pulled on his clothes at the speed of light, wanting nothing more than to leave and never have to face them again. but first he had to talk to the doctor. "is everything fine, doctor-nim?" he asked, making his way to the doctor's desk.

doctor kxng nodded, giving him one of your calming smiles. "yes. just a quick question—how sexually active are you?" sxn blushed for what felt like the thousandth time that day. was it really necessary to answer that? but the doctor wouldn't have asked if it wasn't, so he +

opened his mouth. "i—i'm not, actually. uh. i'm a virgin." there was sudden silence. sxn looked around, a little curious at why the four of them were exchanging looks that way. sure, it was a little odd to be a virgin in this day and age, but—

"is there something wrong with that?" he challenged. wyng coughed, the sound loud and harsh. "no, of course not, sxn-ssi. that's, uh, very—commendable." sxn nodded, satisfied, and turned back to the doctor. "if everything is fine, can i go now?"

doctor kxng's smile was back on his face. "of course. i'll schedule the next appointment as needed." "okay, thank you!" sxn said, heading to the door. right before he left, he peeked his head back in to look at mngi, yvnhx and wyng. "i hope you got the experience you needed!"

the part two to this!

this is huge, i hope sxn appreciates my efforts in getting him railed for his birthday <3

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