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I compiled 300 viral YouTube videos in a database. Here are some fun stats for you:

Quick background on these videos: 1. 90% are educational videos. 2. I’m using a loose definition of viral here. The videos in this database got at least 3x more views than the other recent videos on their channel. The average was 8x more views. Ok let’s get to it…

The titles have 56 characters on average

47% of the titles have a number

2.5% of the titles use an emoji

Here are some of the most common click triggers ranked by frequency: 1. Curiosity 2. Desire 3. Negativity 4. List 5. Trendjacking 6. Authority 7. Time fame 8. Calling out a specific audience (like beginners or by age) 9. Refute objection 10. X vs. Y

Here are the top 3 ways to build curiosity: 1/ Open a loop ex: “Start Doing This and Never Be POOR or BROKE Again” 2/ Reveal a secret ex: “The Secret Money Saving Rule I Learned in Japan” 3/ Ask a question ex: “Do Mom Cats Miss Their Kittens After Adoption?”

Some of the most common phrases: 1/ *Current Year* ex: “The Best And Worst Kitchen Trends For 2022” 2/ Beginner ex: “How To Apply Foundation For Beginners”

3/ Never ex: “Never Solder Again - How to Connect Wires the EASY Way” 4/ Stop ex: “I Stopped Working Out for 15 Days *Here's What Happened*” 5/ Change your life ex: “These 15 Minute Dinners Will Change Your Life”

10% of the titles have the words “how to” This goes to show there’s more to educational content than just “how to” videos.

5% of the titles have the word “and” The best titles have a singular focus.

Something that surprised me: Only 3 of the videos had the word “mistake” in it. Even though negativity was the 3rd most common click trigger, talking about pain points, fears, regrets, and warnings were more common than mistakes.

If you want access to this database, you can check it out on It’s $10/month and I’m adding new videos every day. You can sort and filter by click trigger, key word, industry, and video type to get inspiration for your next video.

If you don’t wanna pay, you can sign up for the free Creator Hooks newsletter at where I break down 5 successful YouTube videos every Monday morning.

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