Growing on YouTube is hard. But it's even harder without the right tools. Here are 7 tools that helped me reach $20k+ a month:πŸ‘‡

βœ… 1. Video Production Tool Tool: Used to track the production side of your channel. From checklists, to labels & showing thumbnails I highly recommend you check out this tool.

βœ… 2. Video Revision Tool Tool: Used to leave timestamped notes on videos. Great for communication with editors & working as a team.

βœ… 4. Thumbnail Brainstorm Tool Tool: I use this tool to brainstorm thumbnail concepts. You can add thumbnails, text boxes w/ details, etc

βœ… 5. Thumbnail Sketch Tool Tool: Used to sketch out thumbnail concepts for videos. Great for visualizing the thumbnail idea And keeping your thumbnail designer on the same wavelength.

βœ… 6. Thumbnail Concept Tool Tool: Used to see how your thumbnail/title would look on Youtube. Great for comparing different thumbnails & titles.

βœ… 7. A/B Testing Tool Tool: Used to A/B test thumbnails & titles on YouTube. Dope tool that keeps track of all the data And lets you know which thumbnail/title is better.

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