#miyacestober2022 Day 3: Paranormal Nsfw - CW: Restraint / Molestation / Rape (Miyas forced to have sex together) / Paranormal entity For the past week, Atsumu has been woken up every night with the feeling of being touched. +

He knows it's not rational, that it doesn't make sense, but he's been feeling /something/. He's not a kid anymore, but he feels like he's 8, afraid of the dark and the monsters roaming around under his bed. He lets it go on for a few more days until it becomes unbearable. +

The presence is growing stronger. He wakes up to the feelings of hands, lots of them, stroking his feet, his face, his thighs. It all goes away as soon as he opens his eyes, making it all feel like a dream. But deep down, he knows it's not. How could a dream feel like that? +

Tired of not being able to sleep properly, sick of being paranoid, Atsumu swallows his pride and goes to his twin in the hope of being reassured. He expects to be laughed at and teased relentlessly for being such a baby. +

He knows that in the end, Osamu will let him sleep next to him, like they used to do when they had nightmares as kids, but he also knows that it'll come at a price. But that is not what happens. +

When Atsumu explains what's going on and how tired he's feeling, Osamu doesn't laugh. Far from it. Instead, he sees Osamu's face become white as a sheet. "That's a sick joke Tsumu. How did you know that I've been having these kinds of nightmares? I didn't tell anyone." +

"What are you on about Samu? I've just told you about nightmares I've been having." "Shit. You've had those too?" Atsumu is starting to hate the direction this conversation is going. "What? Have you been dreaming of the same things?" "Yeah. Hands, touching me. Everywhere." +

Looking at each other, they both realised. It's /real/. They don't say anything about it. They don't want to think about the implications. "That's some sick kind of twin telepathy." +

That night they go to sleep scared, more so than the night before. They hold each other tight, in the hopes of finding the comfort and reassurance they both desperately need. ___ +

When Atsumu wakes up, it's to the feelings of hands roaming around his ass, his chest, his legs, his neck, his hair, everywhere. But contrarily to the previous nights, the feeling doesn't go away. He opens his eyes. He screams. +

Above him, /floating/ above him, is his twin. He's restrained by hands. The hands are solid, yet have an ethereal appearance. They seem to belong to no one, yet everyone. They're coming from the walls. +

He sees his twin staring back at him with desperation. The fingers in Osamu's mouth make him unable to make a sound. "Samu. What is happen-" As fingers start to muzzle him, Atsumu knows he won't be able to say anymore words that night. +

The only thing he can do now that the hands on his body have restrained him, is hopelessly watch his brother as he gets fondled by dozens of hands. They have striped Osamu of his clothes, started to fondle his crotch. +

Osamu looks to the side, ashamed, as he starts to let out muffled whines. The only thing Atsumu can do is try to ignore the way his twin is starting to feel unwanted pleasure from the attention given to his cock by staring into the ceiling. +

That's when he feels fingers probe at his rim. He jerks at that, trying to get free, to avoid the touch, but to no avail. One of the finger, slick, makes its way inside his rectum. +

With the combination of Osamu's moans and the way his prostate is being stimulated, he's starting to feel good. In a sick, twisted way, he's starting to get pleasure from it. +

Rapidly, two other fingers are moving inside of him. With now three fingers moving around his ass and another sets of hands playing with his nipples, he's feeling lightheaded. +

He starts to loose focus and closes his eyes to concentrate on the pleasure he's being given. Shamefully, he's associating the hands pleasuring him with his twin, trying to picture a situation where they are making eachother feel good, not some other mystic entity. +

Unexpectedly, it's his twin who brings him back to reality. Osamu has started to get louder, his moans turning into panicked screams. Opening his eyes again, he sees that Osamu is crying. He quickly realises why. +

Osamu is being lowered towards Atsumu and as the feeling of the fingers inside him disappears, what is about to happen dawns on him. Nononononono-, it can be happening. As Osamu's cock is being lined up to his hole, he thinks "Not like that." +

Because as much as he'd deny it, he's thought about it. He has been lusting about his twin for /years/ now. Thinking about how good he would feel inside of him, how he would give just about anything to feel his twin's lip on his for just a second. +

But amongst all the scenario he had pictured in his head, none of them included /that/. He wanted it to be consensual, a product of the love they felt for each other. Not something so inhumane as being forced into it. +

He'll never get his wonderful first time: Osamu's cock is already poking at his rim. A few more seconds and he's fully seated inside of him. They both moan and cry. Pleasure, humiliation and grief mixing together. +

Osamu starts to move, or rather, starts being moved. The sensation that Atsumu are feeling are otherworldly. Despite the circonstances, nothing could take away the feeling that Osamu's cock of him is /right/. +

It's getting faster and the sensations are becoming overwhelming. Atsumu's back is fully arched now, every nerves overstimulated. A few more movements and he comes. His vision blanches and he could swear he's seeing stars. +

With the way his hole twitch around Osamu's cock, his twin is quick to follow suit. Their orgasm feels like it last hours. +

When their minds become clear again, Osamu is still inside Atsumu but no more hand is to be seen. Making no move to separate, they hug each other tight, sobbing together. +

They're both dreading and looking forward to the next night that is to come. /End/

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