Received many questions like this in inbox. Price action traders won't like what I will be saying but that's the truth as per my experience. Do you think big players see price action before placing bulk aggressive orders ? NO, yet we use that & in wrong manner. 1/n

Market creates price patterns you have learnt in the books or on some Youtube channel so that you can take decision based on them & get trapped. Market will show you breakouts or strong price action trends & then in 85-90% cases it will fail. 2/n

MTM movement in your running trade is also manipulated in such a way that you will be convinced that you are sitting in the right trade. First it will show little bit profit getting you in confidence so that when you see loss you won't exit from that position & then suddenly 3/n

market starts going against your direction aggressively leaving you with very big loss. So in this case you didn't put hard SL in your system & booked a bigger loss. If you think placing SL will solve the problem then read ahead. 4/n

When you place hard SL in your system then also market will not spare you as the volatility will be so high it will keep hitting your SL frequently & force you out of your trade & then run in your favor. So it does not matter if you have SL or not market will hunt you down. 5/n

The only way to survive in this dynamic competitive market is to know what majority is trying to do at particular price point & trade against them. What is market trying to show them & track their SLs & trade in such a way that you target them. 6/n

In the beginning if you trade against majority mindset then it might feel you are trying to go long in negative sentiments or going short in positive sentiments but slowly you will get used to it after seeing how things unfold in such scenarios. 7/n

People see price action first & then take the trade based on that while I see where majority is trapped & then see price action to trade against them. So price action works but you need to know how, when & where to use it. Then only price action will work. n/n

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