cali || writing comms open!!

cali || writing comms open!!



#hqomegaverseweek2022 | @HQomegaverse #sakuatsu a/b/o A!YakuzaKiyoomi & O!Stripper Atsumu. Cw: mentions of violence/blood, age gap with (implied) power dynamics. Exhibitionism? Nsfw. Omega with a pussy (?) Day 1: Possessiveness/Overprotectiveness & "Don't touch what's mine."

Atsumu knew he was a desired omega. Ever since he presented at 16, alphas and betas would turn to drool at him with no shame when he walked down the street and he would just smirk at them and keep going. More than once, that earned him a nasty little comment or unwanted flirting

that he learned to ignore as he grew up. Long before he turned 18, he knew he wasn't cut for college, too realistic, or maybe pessimistic, as he came from an almost dirt poor family. Meanwhile, his brother was dead set on getting in his dream culinary school, going as far as

obtaining a scholarship, but even with it, the school was expensive. So, the moment Atsumu came of age, he got himself a job. "Oh, it's just a boring waitering job at this nice bar, ma! They tip real good to pretty faces and it's very safe!" He had said when his mother asked,

deciding it would be best for everyone if he kept the truth to himself. His mom and twin didn't need to know that he was earning his money by dancing almost naked in front of old, pervy alphas, taunting them with lewd faces and moves, in a Yakuza owned bar/strip club. ...

"Tsum-Tsum, you're up next!" Bokuto called from the door of the small dressing room the dancers had to prepare and refresh. The blond omega got up from his seat after he finished touching his mascara and made sure his outfit was in place. The red leather of his top and panties

barely leaving anything to the imagination. He smiled at his reflection and ran to Bokuto's side with a beaming smile. "How do I look?" "Like a naughty little demon" Bokuto replied, a finger softly touching the small black horns that poked through his platinum blond hair.

"Perfect." Atsumu said, walking up to the stage at the same time his song started. The cheers were audible over the music and scents grew stronger. After four years of hard work, Atsumu became a favorite for almost all of the frequent clients of the bar. Always so sweet but

also spicy, always too close to tempt but too far away to touch. Like a prize to be won or a prohibited fruit to eat. Atsumu basked in the attention, but no one made him shiver from anticipation or go weak in the knees like the alpha that always looked from afar, on his private

booth. Dark curls shadowing even darker eyes that never strayed from his figure. Atsumu loved being watched by Kiyoomi and he loved watching Kiyoomi when he danced, but couldn't just do that for the entirety of his dances, as he was supposed to pay attention to his admirers if he

wanted to earn that cash. From time to time, he would look up at Kiyoomi and smirk, getting a small smile in return, but he would quickly go back to the other alphas to keep them from looking anywhere else that wasn't him. At some point, he crawled to the edge of the stage to

get closer to all those fools that would do anything to just touch him and started dancing slower, lewder. He stretched and then retracted his legs to his chest at the rhythm of the song, opening suddenly at the next beat. His hands came to his chest and then lowered and

lowered until he reached his thighs. Two of his fingers teased his hole through the leather underwear and he made sure to moan loudly, just for the show. His eyes met Kiyoomi's and the burning hunger was evident in the alpha's features. Atsumu just licked his lips and went back

to the others. He turned around and got in all fours to show his big, round ass and wiggle it teasingly, earning a few whistles and more money being thrown at the stage. Nearing the end of the song, he arched his back and sat on his heels to lower his body until his back hit

the floor of the stage. His neck was at the edge of it and his head was slightly hanging while his own hands roamed through his body. Closing his eyes, he let himself enjoy the last moments of his song until a new hand reached out for him and managed to squeeze his chest harshly.

Atsumu yelped surprised and quickly opened his eyes to look at the owner of said hand: a middle aged alpha with a smug grin on his face and eyes that made the omega tremble with uneasiness. It had been a couple of years since no one touched him during his time on the stage.

The music ended and he rushed to get away from the man, while everyone else looked at the scene with a concerned frown. Everyone knew not to touch the golden omega. The silence grew big on the room, no more music playing and the only thing everyone managed to hear in the next

few seconds were the steady steps of expensive dress shoes. Every person's eyes darted to the imponent figure that made his way to the edge of the stage where the stupid alpha was and Atsumu felt relief overtaking him at the murderous glare that Kiyoomi was directing at this

stranger. He also felt heat pool in his stomach, but decided to ignore it for the moment. "I'll ask this once. What the fuck do you think you're doing?" The Yakuza harshly spat, seemingly keeping his composure. By the way his knuckles were practically white, Atsumu knew he was

beyond mad. "I just touched him. I'm paying for this shit, so I can do whatever the hell I want with these sluts-" Before he could say anything else, the man was hit in the face by experienced and deadly hands over and over again. The bar erupted in chaos, no one daring to

stop Kiyoomi or come save the idiot that touched the one thing in that place that could never be touched. Atsumu watched with sick pleasure as Kiyoomi snarled and disfigured the other alpha's face and when the hazy eyes of the man landed on him, the blond omega scoffed and

rolled his eyes. He figured Kiyoomi's hands had been dirtied by enough blood after some time, so he got down from the stage, waved a couple of Kiyoomi's men to get closer and kneeled behind the raven to hug him by his torso. He started purring and scenting him, effectively

calming him down. The alpha adjusted his position to hug Atsumu back and got away from the almost unconscious man laying on the floor. His men made quick work of helping him up and holding him, waiting for further instructions. "Are you okay, sweetheart?" Kiyoomi asked,

completely ignoring everything and everyone else. Atsumu smiled sweetly and nodded. "Yeah, Omi, 'm fine. My big, strong alpha came to the rescue." He snuggled against the raven's chest and looked down at the bloody scene at his feet. Strong arms trapped him in a protective hug

and he sighed happily. Kiyoomi hugged him a little tighter and then let go of him. "You know I'd never let anyone that disrespects you like this leave unharmed. Only I can do it, only I can touch you like that. Never forget you belong to me." The older whispered while his right

//hit tweet limit brb

hand wrapped itself around Atsumu's neck, making the omega shudder and grab at the alpha's shirt desperately. "Yes, only ya, Omi. I'm only yers." He breathed out, feeling his panties start to get wet with slick. The smirk he received from Kiyoomi made his legs buckle a little,

but he felt disappointed when the alpha turned to look at the miserable looking man that couldn't even stand by himself. The Yakuza leader let go of the omega's neck, but hooked his fingers on the collar of his top to pull him closer to the pitiful alpha with a bloodied face.

Kiyoomi stood behind Atsumu and he made sure the other was watching before his hand found his way up to that beautiful neck again, squeezing it enough to hear a needy whine from Atsumu and feel smaller hands at his hips. His other hand made it's path from the pec that had been

squeezed to Atsumu's crotch. He heard the omega pant and moan, while his body moved trying to create friction, too out of it to pay attention to the look on the other alpha's face or to the dozens of people looking at the scene. He only cared about Kiyoomi. "Let this be your one

and only warning." The raven started, not changing his position even a little bit. "Don't touch what's mine." At that same moment, Kiyoomi pressedย  the heel of his hand harder against Atsumu's panties and the blond let out the sweetest cry of his name. "You can get rid of him

now." Kiyoomi said to his men, who immediately obeyed, before turning Atsumu around. "Now let's get you somewhere more private, hm? You still have to show your alpha how grateful you are for how carefully he protects you, honey." "Oh, I'm so grateful, Omi. Yer the best alpha.

I'm so happy I'm yers to own." Atsumu said quickly, clinging to the alpha's neck in a silly attempt to get closer. Kiyoomi let out a low chuckle and softly kissed Atsumu's red lips. "Let's go, love." He murmured, taking Atsumu by the waist to walk him to his private office at

the back of the bar. "Nothing happened in here, you can continue whatever the hell you were doing!" He raised his voice to direct it to everyone else, who seemed to instantly react and scatter to different places and new activities. The music started again and a new performer was

on the stage. Good. He rushed through the small corridor and shut the door to his office closed the moment they both stepped in. Without wasting time, Kiyoomi caged the young omega against the desk and Atsumu instinctively opened his legs, leaning his hips against the wooden

table. "Are you gonna let me taste you, honey?" Kiyoomi asked and his left hand went back to teasing Atsumu over the leather. The omega sighed and nodded enthusiastically. "Ya can do whatever ya want with me, Omi. Ya know that." The omega panted when Kiyoomi pressed his fingers

against his hole and his legs opened even more without him noticing. "Please, Omi. Use me as ya wish." It was easy for Atsumu to say those kinds of things, after a few years being with the alpha. When he met Kiyoomi, it was like a match made in heaven, or more precisely hell.

A clear want from the both to be suffocated in each other's presence, but nothing was done for a while. They kind of danced around each other in a torturous game, with Atsumu's gaze straying to Kiyoomi when he danced in the lap of strangers or when he let himself be touched by

anyone that gave him money, until Kiyoomi decided it was enough. After yet another taunting spectacle given by the golden omega, Kiyoomi grabbed him by the neck at the side of the stage and let Atsumu know who he belonged to. The omega didn't even fight it, having been craving

this for a while. They easily fell into a nice rhythm and soon after, Kiyoomi banned everyone from touching his pretty little play thing, whom he adored. Atsumu didn't mind, he liked the idea of being wanted by all and just touched by one, of being owned by Kiyoomi.

Atsumu kicked off his panties after Kiyoomi lowered them to his feet and quickly laid down on the desk to raise his legs to Kiyoomi's shoulders. The alpha looked pleased with how easy Atsumu gave himself to him. Not a single doubt in him. "Look at you, all cute and compliant for

me. I don't even have to say anything and you just know what to do." The alpha said, while he kneeled on the floor to be face to face with Atsumu's cute, pink pussy. He opened his folds with two fingers and heard the omega's breath hitch in anticipation, before diving in with his

tongue. Atsumu moaned loudly and his legs locked Kiyoomi in place. More sweet slick poured out and the alpha hummed, lapping at it like he was a starved man, tasting the most delightful delicacy of the gods. His thumb pressed at Atsumu's clit, making the omega cry in

desperation. "Omi! It feels so good- ah!" Atsumu raised his head from the wood to look down and he felt like he could cum with just the sight of his alpha now sucking at his clit and pumping in two fingers to prep him, even though he needed no prep, already loose and wet for

Kiyoomi to fuck him like there was no tomorrow. "Omi, Omi, I- ah! Mmh, 's so good..." He mumbled, too lost in the pleasure to actually voice how much he wanted the alpha's cock already in him. Kiyoomi suddenly curled his fingers and Atsumu shouted, arching his back off the table

before going limp, basking in his first orgasm of the night. The alpha took out his fingers and he whined, not wanting to feel empty. "Don't worry, honey, I'm just getting started." Kiyoomi said, grabbing his thighs to separate his legs and get up. //Pause for a bit <3

//k, here's the rest <3 He made a quick work of undoing his trousers and he let them pool on his feet along with his underwear, freeing his cock. Atsumu let out a purr at the sight and his right hand reached out to wrap around it and give it a few pumps. Kiyoomi groaned and got

closer. He gripped his dick at the base, where the knot would pop and started rubbing the length against the wet folds, letting the head catch in Atsumu's hole, making the omega whine for more. The next time the head of his cock found its way, Kiyoomi pushed his hips, bottoming

out in one swift motion that had the blond moaning loudly. Atsumu placed his hands over his head, gripping the end of the desk to steady himself the moment Kiyoomi started thrusting like his life depended on it and his pretty eyes started watering with the overwhelming pleasure

of finally being filled up. "Omi, Omi, Omi" were the small whines and pants Atsumu managed after every time Kiyoomi's hips slammed against his ass in an unforgiving rhythm. Kiyoomi's hands found their place behind Atsumu's knees and he pushed until they were flush against the

omegas chest so he could kiss those pretty red lips. Atsumu moaned against his mouth, letting the alpha bite his lips and explore with his tongue, smudging the lipstick messily. Not that any of them cared. "More, Omi, I wan' more" Atsumu slurred when the other started leaving

kisses along his jaw and neck, sucking and biting to leave as much love marks as possible, thinking of that as clear signs of ownership that the omega loved to display around his work but had to cover at home. "My pretty little thing" Kiyoomi cooed after a harsh bite that made

Atsumu hiss. He leaned back to see his artwork and smiled almost sweetly, but his hips never stopped. He let go of Atsumu's legs, but the blond made sure to hook his own arms behind his knees to keep them in place, and then cleaned the stray tears with his thumbs, also smudging

the lipstick a bit more, letting his beautiful omega suck on it on an unconscious, almost natural reaction. "How could I deny you anything when you're so good to me?" His thrusts became faster, harder, and at the same time, his other hand lowered to start toying with Atsumu's

clit with quick and wicked fingers. The omega screamed and arched his back, feeling a familiar heat in his stomach, before he ended up orgasming for the second time. He let go of his shaking legs, slamming his hands against the table, and felt his pussy spasm around Kiyoomi's big

cock, deliciously dragging against his walls, giving him no pause. "Oh my god, Omi!" He moaned, still riding that high, but too conscious of the oversensitivity of his own body. "Don't stop, please, don't!" Kiyoomi complied, making sure his hands were gripping Atsumu's waist

firmly to angle better his next thrusts, knowing now it would be easier and quicker to rip orgasms out of his cute omega. Surely enough, soon after he did that, Atsumu dug his heels against the edge of the desk to raise his hips in an instinctual movement of his body, squirting

around Kiyoomi's dick before it slipped out of him. His legs were shaking and it looked like Atsumu was fighting the need to close them, not wanting this to end. Kiyoomi smirked and slapped the omega's pussy, making him spasm even more and cry harder. "Alpha, please..." Atsumu

mumbled, legs still trembling. "Wan' yer knot. Gimme yer knot, please." "Who do you belong to, sweetheart?" The alpha asked, not moving an inch. Atsumu wiggled his hips desperately. "To ya, Omi. Only ya, so please, please..." Atsumu begged, sniffling. The raven smirked and

nodded. "Anything you want, honey." Kiyoomi whispered, before groaning when he pushed his cock in again. Atsumu let out a pathetic mewl and made grabby hands at Kiyoomi, silently asking his alpha to get closer. When he did, Atsumu hugged him by the neck and kissed him with

abandon. The raven swallowed every little moan and cry of his name feeling his own body starting to get near the edge. His thrusts got sloppy, but never weaker and he got back to rubbing Atsumu's clit roughly, admiring the seemingly mortified expression of the omega at the

sudden rush of pleasure. After a couple more minutes, he popped his knot and it caught against Atsumu's hole, filling the omega with his seed. The new stretch made the omega cum once again even more violently than before and with a broken moan. Kiyoomi growled against the

bruised skin of his neck. His elongated fangs brushed against the scent gland and Atsumu whimpered, showing him his neck in a demonstration of submission. Kiyoomi moved his face away from it after a few seconds and kissed Atsumu with a tenderness that wasn't there before. The

omega smiled at him, even laughing softly, breathlessly, and it made him chuckle too. "Yer always so hot when ya get possessive." Atsumu said after he caught his breath. His fingers were curling the other's hair and his honeyed eyes were watching Kiyoomi with so much adoration.

"Mmh... I need to make sure you don't forget that you're only mine." The alpha responded with a calm tone, almost loving. Atsumu purred and his scent became sweeter. "As if I could ever do such a thing, Omi. I'm yers for eternity." Atsumu's hands cupped Kiyoomi's face and he

gently caressed his cheeks with his thumbs. "Ya know it." "I do, my beautiful omega." Kiyoomi murmured, kissing Atsumu's palm. Leaving a small red stain on it that made the omega laugh, focusing on the other's lips. "Oh my god, we both look like a mess with my lipstick smudged

all over our mouths." He laughed and then touched under his eyes, smiling smugly when he noticed no black stains on his fingertips. "At least my sex proof mascara wasn't a scam." He joked, making Kiyoomi snort and roll his eyes. "Maybe after another round it won't be as

effective." The alpha said, grinding his hips against Atsumu's since his knot had them still locked in place, earning a surprised moan from the omega. "Yeah, uh..." Atsumu panted. "We should- we should double check that." Kiyoomi smirked. "Of course, love."

Atsumu knew he was a desired omega. Ever since he became a stripper, alphas and betas would come to look at him and let him know how good he made them feel and he just smirked, glowing in the attention, but he knew. He knew that he would never care about them when Kiyoomi was

always there, always watching him with hunger and possessiveness, never desiring because he could have the omega as he pleased and Atsumu loved it. Atsumu loved him. Fin.โ™ก

//Omg, I feel like this was so messy, but hopefully it was good. I'm trying to gain some confidence writing nsfw in English and this is the second thing (I think?) +18 that I write in the language, so, sorry if it's bad! Thank you for reading tho! <3

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