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#sakuatsu | rush of gold The thrill that runs through his veins make all the screams and cheers sound like white noise in the distance, the blood rushes all the way up to his ears and everything falls quiet for a second.

The only noise he can hear being his pounding heart and the tingle in his hands, that seem to make themselves notice even more as the time passes. He looks around and the image of his teammates celebrating serve as a reassurance, they won.

They really did, all the hard work and effort put into every second of this match was fucking worth it, they won. They're bringing back gold to their home. And all feels even more real as Kiyoomi gets pulled out of his trance by a warm and trembling touch on his shoulders.

He looks up into golden eyes and matching locks, the expression on Atsumu’s face lights up every corner of the stadium and make the whole world stop, people around them fading in the distance. "Omi, we won! We fucking won, Kiyoomi. We're taking gold to Japan with us!"

And really, there's nothing else in this world that Kiyoomi would have preferred to hear instead, the words fall like honey from a big, white smile and he swears he could get lost into the shine showing on amber irises. "Yeah..." His voice feels distant as he speaks,

But he doesn't stop himself from muttering. "Yeah, Atsumu. He fucking did it." And the big grin is even more contagious as a full set of teeth show impossibly more. "Let's go, Omi. We gotta take those medals and have a blast tonight!"

The laugh the blonde lets out is the best sound Kiyoomi's ever heard and as a hand envelopes his own, he doesn't try to stop himself as he pulls Atsumu back before he gets away. One of his hands flies to settle against a freckled cheek as the other is place on a slim waist.

His lips touch soft, rosy ones and the small gasp from the other makes his blood rush and he tastes gold in his tongue, the kiss is passionate yet so tender, making sure to put every emotion felt at that moment into it. He separates and when emerald eyes lock with honey ones,

Kiyoomi sees a whole future in shining gold behind the man's gaze. "Omi, wha-?" "We won, Atsumu." He feels breathless but it's so worth it as he holds a blushed face with his trembling hands. "We won, and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. I want to keep winning."

The silent confession seems to settle into Atsumu's mind as his lips stretch into one of the biggest, most gorgeous smiles Kiyoomi's ever seen him portray. "Yeah! Yeah, me too. I want to keep winning too, Kiyoomi." His gaze travels down to a rosy and plush mouth once again.

"Yeah, with you..." And though the statement comes with an uncertain tone, he swears he's never wanted something so badly in his life. "With ya." Atsumu's words sound so much more determined and Kiyoomi feels himself breathing once again.

The world comes back to them as loud cheers and exclamations reach their ears, but none of it matters, not when they lose themselves in the other's warm embrace. They all won gold today, but the real gold is held in his arms, rushing through his whole body and into his heart.

//was suddenly struck with the image of Kiyoomi pulling Atsumu into a kiss after winning the olympics and had the itch to write it, so here you go

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