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Hannah Montanime



CW! #Miyacest~ Miya Osamu has had three great loves in his life. The first being his brother Atsumu, who he would take a bullet for without as much as a second thought. The second being volleyball, which he achingly gave up to pursue his third love; food.

Osamu constantly pushes himself to improve his craft, staying up late to work on new recipes and flavor combinations. He has traveled extensively to expand his culinary knowledge; looking for the best flavors the world has to offer.

He’s flown all around the world sampling different cuisines from various countries to use in his onigiri recipes. Rich and spicy curries from India, tart olives from Italy, and tangy Greek feta cheese have all been featured as specialty flavors in his shop over the years.

Last Valentines he even made a series of sweet, heart shaped onigiri based off the large variety of chocolates and toffees he sampled during his time in Switzerland. These constantly changing and refreshingly unique flavors have put Onigiri Miya on the map for Tokyo cuisine.

But out of all of the delicacies he tasted during his travels, there was one flavor he held above all else and could never resist eating when he got the chance; his brother’s ass.


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