misaka ʌı

misaka ʌı



$200m+ profit from MEV has been extracted since January Here are 10+ GitHub MEV codes/repos that you may find useful 🧵⚡️ (might delete it soon 😉)

MEV get started guide: - - @analyticalali @ObadiaAlex

Accounts to Follow: @0xmisaka: cute mev girl @bertcmiller: ⚡️🤖 boss @wireless_anon: mev alpha @buffalu_: cofounder @jito_labs @segfaultdoctor: cofounder @jito_labs @uriklarman: founder @bloXrouteLabs @ThogardPvP: psyops sometimes @NathanWorsley_: encrypted alpha

@thegostep: ⚡️🤖 founder @SiegeRhino2: MEV PvP @thal0x: leaked psyop @0xEdgar: solana mev data @thebensams: used to leak alpha @0xspl_iff: jito @evanbat_: #5 @jito_labs @terorie_dev: Sol internal king @osec_io/@NotDeGhost: audit firm @raggedsec: chad @nojob_capital: contrib

* @buffalu__: cofounder @jito_labs (tag wrong buffalu handle)

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