nsfw (atsuosa) #miyacestober2022 day 25 • 'i love you' / 'i hate you' (+ kissing / tongue) , non con somno (mentions of rape) , underage // atsumu hated that he did this, but he couldn't help himself. osamu was such a heavy sleeper, and, really, +

it was the perfect opportunity to take from him what atsumu wanted. what he thought he /deserved/. he'd snuck into his twin brother's bed in the dead of night, after confirming osamu wasn't going to be woken up. then he peeled off his covers, +

revealing osamu's sleeping figure. seeing him lying there, unconscious, pliant, made atsumu's cock swell. he lied down next to him and snaked a hand under osamu's sweatshirt up to his chest. as atsumu pinched his nippled, he turned osamu's head to his own, +

prying his soft lips open with his tongue, exploring his mouth sensually, slowly, as he grew harder in his pants. "fuck," he whispered, panting as he pulled away. "i hate ya," he said, as he went back for more. because atsumu did. +

he hated that osamu fucked him up like this, resorting to raping his brother as he slept. he rubbed his crotch against osamu's unconscious body, moving a hand under osamu's briefs to fondle him. osamu didn't always get hard when atsumu did this, which made it worse. +

if he had, even if it was just a biological reaction, it would've made atsumu feel less guilty. on the nights he /did/ get hard, atsumu could let himself enjoy it more, pretend that osamu had asked for this, pretend that he was enjoying it just as much. +

tonight was what one of those nights. but all the same, atsumu kept palming his soft dick, cupping his balls, taking advantage of the only time he got to touch his twin like this. when enough time had passed, atsumu shimmied off osamu's pants, and slot himself between +

his legs. they'd run out of lotion and hadn't had the chance to buy a new bottle, so atsumu would have to make do. he decided to open osamu up with his tongue and spit instead, something he could only do when he was absolutely certain osamu was in deep sleep. +

osamu fidgeted, slightly, but it didn't deter atsumu. months ago, it would have, terrifying him that osamu was rousing, but now he knew better. so he continued lapping at osamu's hole, prodding his tongue inside until he was wet and sloppy enough to take his fingers. +

he then began fingering his twin, watching with awe the way osamu's chest still rose and fell peacefully, as if nothing was happening. sometimes, atsumu thought that he'd conditioned himself so much that he could get off just to osamu's sleeping figure. +

but why do that, when he could have so much more? it was a hard thing, keeping quiet as he pushed his cock inside his brother. it was even harder to fuck him without causing a lot of noise, without rattling the bed frame. but atsumu had become a pro at this. +

he knew just which angle to hold himself, and how to thrust into osamu, most inconspicuously. osamu's expression was peaceful, aside from the occasional wrinkle in his expression, and he was so beautiful he made atsumu cry. +

because he was good, clearly good, while atsumu was a fucked up monster. but it was /osamu/ who made him like this, so who was to blame? "i hate ya," atsumu whispered as he entered osamu again, leaning down to steal a kiss, his tears wetting osamu's cheeks. +

but who was atsumu kidding, also? because osamu gave him /everything/, even if he didn't know it, even if he wasn't aware of it. "i love ya," atsumu said next, something he could only confess when he was inside osamu, and osamu didn't even /know/. "i love ya, i love ya." +

he repeated it all through the night, as he raped his brother over and over. he said it again, as he hurtled towards his orgasm, unable to control himself at the sight of his sleeping twin, at the feeling of his loose and relaxed hole. +

he pulled out and came into his palm, making sure not to spill, not to leave any evidence. he dressed osamu again, covered him up, and climbed back into his bed. he was spent, but he couldn't fall asleep. guilt consumed him, as it often did afterwards. +

atsumu knew it was wrong, he knew he should stop, but he couldn't, he just couldn't. every time he promised himself, promised /osamu/, it would be the last, but it was all a lie. he would always go back sooner or later. all the while osamu remained none the wiser.

// but is osamu really clueless. IS HE REAAAAALLY. or does he just let atsumu do with his body as he pleases, maybe getting off on knowing the guilt it must cause his brother? ;)

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