they're the same people, they took over the establishment

here's how it works: leftists/globalists (same people) control the system. they control government, judiciary, media, education, academia, law, corporations, NGOs, etc., but they tell people that the system is actually controlled by their arch-nemeses: the "white supremacists"

the masses are then taught by leftist-controlled media/academia/education that the system (including media/academia/education) is evil and racist they are taught to revolt against this evil system by propagating the system's ideology & advancing the political aims of globalism

it's the perfect way to achieve manufactured consent plus, their ideology only makes sense if they aren't in power. they need to maintain the illusion, so they just lie and pretend that they're powerless. people believe the lie because people are idiots who do what they're told

fun game for you: pick any fortune 500 company, find its board of directors, count how many are members of the council on foreign relations, bilderberg group, trilateral commission, etc

I've literally never argued against some corporations supporting open borders because it provides an infinite labor supply and can be used to destroy wages and living standards, but you know schizos gonna schizo

if they care about profit so much then why do they push leftist ideals that are repulsive to the average person? is it profitable to promote pedophilia with "cuties"? to tell little kids to mutilate their genitals? to use BM/WF couples in every advert?

it's not a mystery: the corporations are heavily under the influence of people with certain ideological motives who were indoctrinated in leftist-dominated academia, alongside people who belong to globalist orgs like council on foreign relations

sure ofc some of it is about profits, but there is a vision for humanity instilled into the elite that they are willing to sacrifice profits to achieve. power motivates the incredibly rich more than profit

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