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Michael Liu



[THREAD] welcome to my degenerate origin story. this is who i am and how i came to be. some skill, a lot of luck, and a mega dose of degening my life away. maybe you’ll read this and learn something. or maybe you won’t but at least you’ll have a good laugh.

one constant throughout my journey was my obsession with embracing unconventional ways to make a dollar. why? when you aren’t born into $, you gotta find a different way to play the game or you’ll always be behind. im not a big player or anything but thankful for where im at

the journey started for me in grade 5. back in the day, grocery stores made you insert a loonie (Canadian $1 coin) or a quarter before taking a shopping cart. when you returned it, you got your $ back. this was my 1st opp to hustle & capitalize on the indifference of others

my friends and i spent 2-4 hours at least 3-4 times a week scavenging for carts to return which yielded anywhere from $2-5 per session. may not sound like much but for an immigrant kid with humble beginnings, the world was my god damn oyster.

my first experience with earning my own income. Liu Capital LLC founded by the shopping cart hustlers was born. i felt like a boss. did we drop our stacks (more like poverty coins lol) into a piggy bank for 0% APR?

i used the $ to fund two future degen activities. this was right around the time when Pokémon trading cards was hype. with my bankroll, i bought a few booster packs. the thrill of opening a pack, the gamble of hitting a holo. i was instantly hooked.

what truly got me all in was the trading. not sure about y’all but i spent every minute of recess trading cards on the yard trying to finesse folks. my first card was a 1st edition Ghastly which i managed to trade up to a Haunter. I remember it like it was yesterday.

by the end of 7th grade, i built up quite a collection including a 1st edition Blastoise, Venosaur, Chancy, Zapdos, Raichu and Alakazam (my fav). some i paper handed to upperclassmen and the remainder of which my parents convinced me to give away to family friends kid…

that collection today would likely me fetch 6 figures and although it pains me, the lessons i learned were invaluable and carry with me till this day slinging Pokémon is how i became a great negotiator. It’s also how i learned to sell, the most important skill of all.

fast forward to grade 8 as my interest in Pokémon waned, I discovered my 2nd degen past time. before we could afford PCs and consoles, the arcade at my local mall was my 2nd home. the rest of the mall was a piece of shit but the arcade was life gaming was in my fking DNA

this is where Liu Capital made its 2nd investment. i dabbled in a bit of everything including MvC 1 & 2, DDR, & initial D but i dedicated my life to one game: jitz (similar to foozball) we had house rules. winners stay and challengers pay. price of admission? #fittycents

made it my life goal to get good enough to never have to pay for games luckily some high schoolers took me under their wing and taught me the ways. i was winning consistently within a couple months. worked up a nasty 1-2 and 1-3-2 combo (real ones will know this)

eventually, i was able to earn a few bucks playing this from hustling older players. wasn’t much but not bad for a kid without a license. i used it to buy lunch and other things like gifts for girls given being a jitz master wasn’t exactly landing me numbers. shocker, i no

jitz stayed with me through my first year of high school before i discovered my passion: gaming i started off on a n64 (shout-out Starfox and Supersmash Bros) after begging my parents to get it for me. god bless them as they weren’t your typical Asian parents.

but my true addiction didn’t start until i discovered the wonders of online gaming. diablo 1 & 2, Warcraft 3, and eventually DOTA were my bread and butter. from grade 9-10, i would play pc games from after school to the early morning.

got to the point where i was playing in invitational leagues (IHL) with top Euro/NA players. some of them turned into some of best players in the world playing at the international. i even joined a small 🇨🇦 team with a sponsor but they wanted me to drop out of school to play FT.

that’s where my parents drew the line (rightfully so). i was pretty good, but not elite. there wasn’t much $ in gaming back then either. maybe a few hundred bucks at most. not like now with million $ prize pools. but my early investment in gaming paid off later.

fast forward to college where i studied math and classes were…optional? sign me up. went to <1/4 of my classes while splitting time playing DOTA and watching entourage. at this point, still just a hobby… until my final year when Diablo 3 made its debut.

true OGs will remember D3 was an absolute game changer because of the market place where you could sell in game gold and items for real $. i spent 24/7 trading between the real $ and in game auction house. i started with a bankroll of $500. i exited at ~$30k after the semester.

i used most of it to pay for tuition, invested $5k and also yolo’d a few stacks on a Breitling Navitimer 01 cause i was a stupid college kid. for a few years after graduation, my degen activities cooled as working as an accountant > investment banker took over my life

that was until i moved to Cali. met some degen friends at work who took me to vegas and that’s when BJ / poker took over. counting cards was therapeutic but poker was it. immediately started hitting tables as a regular. Gambling / fantasy also joined the fold around this time.

tbh i wasn’t even that good of a player. maybe slightly EV+ but poker taught me very important skills. how to handle down swings, learn my tolerance for risk, and take emotions out of decisions. turns out, i have a very high risk threshold which came in handy later in life.

a year or so later, i got my first exposure to crypto. like most, i was incredibly skeptical but after learning the ropes from a trusted friend, i decided to make my first play. started off in the low 6 figures to get my feet wet with Bitcoin. made about 50% roi that year.

it wasn’t until i learned about ETH that i went all in. dumped just over half my net worth at the time into ETH during the 2019 🐻 at ~$180 my investment philosophy was simple: 1) when others are fleeing, i am diving in 2) conviction >>> diversification so thats what i did

all these side hustles throughout my life is how i built my net worth. fast forward to now where im fully immersed in the world of NFTs which shouldn’t be a shock if you made it this far. been a degen my whole life so it’s only natural NFTs are now calling my name /fin

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