#miyacestober2022 day 13 • anonymity , identity porn , mentioned nsfw (atsuosa) , dubcon // miya osamu had a horrible secret. though he ran onigiri miya during the day, at night it was a completely different story. +

he delivered food to those in need, and fended off bad guys who sought to disrupt the peace of his city. in short, he was a superhero, one that'd caught the attention of many, and one that was fawned over by the masses. but that wasn't the horrible secret. +

the horrible secret was that he'd been sleeping with his twin brother, under false pretences. but it wasn't his fault! it was /atsumu/ who came onto him so strong, sidling up to him and running his hand over his pecs and squeezing his biceps, +

telling him what a strong sexy hero he was. osamu tried to fend him off, of course, but before he knew it he'd fallen into atsumu's bed. and again, and again, and again. "ya can't tell anyone 'bout this," osamu said after the fifth time, +

having a moment of clarity post-orgasm and realising all that he was putting at risk. not just his true identity, but his relationship with his brother. "pfft, please," atsumu waved him off, tracing a finger over the part of osamu's cheek that was visible. +

"as if anyone would believe i was in a friends-with-benefits situation with the /fox hero/." /a friends-with-benefits relationship with my own twin, huh,/ osamu thought. it was wrong of course, he knew, but... when he was in his hero persona it was so easy to forget. +

that he and atsumu were related by blood, that they grew up together and knew everything about each other. when atsumu fucked into him, osamu could only concentrate on how good it felt, there was no room for crushing guilt. when atsumu moaned for him, +

he always called him 'hero' or 'fox'. it made it /so/ easy to forget. "whatcha thinkin' about, big fella?" atsumu asked. they were lying together post coitus for once—atsumu didn't have training the next day and osamu had been fucked so good he didn't want to move. +

"do ya ever feel like i'm lyin' to ya?" osamu wondered out loud, staring at the ceiling. he didn't mean to bring the mood down, it just came out. atsumu hummed, crossing his arms behind his head. "i mean, not really?" osamu turned to look at him. +

"like i said in the beginning, it's just a fuck buddy situation, isn't it? i know secret identities are important to you heroes, and it's enough for me to know that i'm fuckin' the most beloved hero on the regular. he's got a great ass, ya know?" +

osamu couldn't help but blush. his brother was always great at cheering him up. "okay, if you're sure." he didn't know what he would do if atsumu /did/ ask him to reveal his identity some day. they were certainly intimate enough for it. +

even considering osamu's real identity, he was close enough to atsumu to tell him about his hero status. but for some reason he hadn't, wanted to have a secret to himself for the first time in his life, and then it'd backfired on him. "stop thinkin so much," atsumu told him. +

he rolled over on top of atsumu, his weight familiar and comforting. "ya work so hard protectin' all of us, relax a little, for me? i wanna thank ya." "thank me," osamu deadpanned. he knew it could only mean one thing. "'course. why'd ya think i kicked my roommates out? +

we're gonna go /allllllll/ night." osamu couldn't help it. he could feel his cock grow hard. he swore quietly under his breath, both anxious and excited for what was to come. "alright then," he responded, "show me what ya got." atsumu smirked.

// when osamu finally does reveal his identity, an utterly anxious mess, atsumu kinda just looks at him and is then like. yeah i know. osamu: what? atsumu: i knew it was you. o: since when?! a: strictly speaking? since the first news report. o: the first—! but that was— +

a: years ago? yeah. o: why didn't ya tell me? a: why did ya tell /me/? o: touche. so then... the whole time? a, fondly: the whole time. :) because of course atsumu would recognise his stupid twin jumping between buildings and knocking people out left and right. +

he hit up the hero/osamu at first as a joke just to see how he'd react, but didn't expect him to /agree/ to sleep with him. but it was fucking good. fucking hot. so he kept going back. a: ya know, if anythin', you should count yerself lucky ya got into bed with me. +

i'd never sell ya out. o: i don't think that's the most worrisome thing here, tsumu. a: what, the incest? please, no one'll care about that. o: ... sure, tsumu. a: i'm happy ya told me though, samu. truly. o: it was time. i mean, i'd— you know. a: yeah. (they are in love.)

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