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Newsletter milestone: 2️⃣5️⃣0️⃣,0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣💥 Some stats and learnings from my newsletter'ing journey so far:

1/ Newsletter growth story ▫️ First 100: Successful post on Medium → helped me grow Twitter audience → tweet I'm launching newsletter ▫️ Next 1,000: Guest post on @firstround and @andrewchen's blog ▫️ Next 10,000: Writing useful stuff every week for 9 months → WOM + Twitter

▫️ Next 100,000: Writing useful stuff every week for 2 years → WOM + Twitter ▫️ Last 100,000: Writing useful stuff week after week → WOM + Substack recommendations Keys to success: quality + consistency

2/ Recommendations feature 78% of new subscribers are now coming from other Substack newsletters recommending my newsletter. And 11% of paid. Gamechanging feature. I've got @SachinMonga coming on the podcast in a couple of weeks to share how this feature came to be.

3/ Workload Newsletter, podcast, job board, angel investing → essentially full-time job hours (40-50 hours a week). I tried to take it easy, but it didn't work 😅 Each newsletter post takes a median of 10-15 hours. Some posts take 100+ hours. Some just a few hours.

4/ There's a time+quality network effect There's a strong correlation between the time I spend on a post and how well it does, so time -> quality. The fact that I don't have a day job and can do this full-time'ish means I have an advantage over anyone writing part-time.

5/ Income I make more from the newsletter than I made at my fancy tech job at Airbnb, stock included. Instead of one boss, I have thousands of micro-bosses. And as it grows, I get a raise every day. Pretty sweet.

6/ Fulfillment I've never done anything more fulfilling in my life. My personal mission is to help people do better work, and increase net happiness in the world, and I feel like I'm doing this at scale.

7/ Following the pull I have no real goals or vision for where this all goes, and never have. I mostly follow what pulls me, is interesting, and creates value. e.g. Newsletter -> Investing -> Slack community -> Job board -> Podcast -> [Hopefully nothing more 😬]

8/ Community The community that's formed around the newsletter (~10k people in a thriving Slack, 30+ local meetups around the world each month) is probably the thing I'm most proud of. Huge shoutout to @itsDrDrewithaSh @KiyaniBba @jess_newyen and Riya for making it so great.

9/ It's not all rainbows and butterflies No PTO, no benefits, no 401k matching, and unless I shut it down, in theory, I have to write an awesome newsletter every week for the rest of my life. I may also run out of ideas. Or energy. I try not to think about these too much 🤷‍♂️

10/ All that matters in the end is creating value for people There's tons of content out there—but not that much GREAT content. You need to nail a job to be done for readers: 1. Entertain them 2. Help them make money 3. Help them be smarter about work/life <- Me 4. Share news

11/ That's all I got for now If you're not already a subscriber, check out the newsletter. Or start your own! Here's my most popular stuff →

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