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#Allchilde 🔶💧/🛡💧/🎭💧/🧪💧 #Zhongchi #Capitaru #Pierrochi #Dottochi It’s rare that Childe admits to being sick let alone stays home sick from work, and it’s even more rare to get so many of his partners in the same room. However, multiple of them decided to stop by today

knowing their sweet Taru is ill. Though most of them tend to be rather possessive, they’d all agreed to try to get along to help Childe until he was better, creating a schedule for the four of them. The first day it was Zhongli’s turn. He’d always loved doting on Childe, so

really it was nothing new for them. Ever so gently while Childe was sleeping, he’d soothingly pet his head and lay little kisses on his cheeks while pressing a cool towel to his forehead in attempt to lower the symptoms of his fever. Childe slept most of the day, but while he

was awake, Zhongli made sure to give him some medicine he’d picked up that morning, as well as give him some tea and a comforting soup from one of their favorite restaurants, hand feeding his sick lover and everything. “Zhongli…” Childe whispers, gently making grabby hands for

the elder man. “Mh, cuddles?” Zhongli asks, and Childe nods quietly. Childe nuzzles his face into Zhongli’s chest and slowly falls asleep once more, grateful for his lover’s care.

On day two, Childe wakes to the refreshing smell of one of his favorite childhood dishes. Kapusta, a soup that his mother used to make him when he was younger. Smelling a home cooked meal could only mean one thing, his caretaker for today was none other than Capitano.

He wants to call out, but decides to instead slowly and quietly push himself out of bed, ignoring the pounding headache from his fever and slowly walking into the kitchen. Carefully, he wraps his arms around Capitano from behind, burying his face in his back. “Morning…”

“Morning, Ajax” Capitano hums softly, turning and carefully resting his hand on the top of his head. “What are you doing up?” “Mm food smells good..” he whispers, “want cuddles too..” “Oh really?” Capitano asks softly, sounding amused. Swiftly, he lifts Childe into his arms,

placing a sweet kiss to his lips. “We can cuddle after you eat.” He whispers, placing another kiss to Childe’s lips and setting him down. Childe pouts cutely, clinging onto his lover. “But-“ “No buts, food first, cuddles after” Capitano says softly yet firmly, “it’s almost done

you can sit at the table and wait” he adds, his tone softened further. Childe’s little pout stays, but he nods and goes to the table. Capitano’s always been so good to him anyways, he knows he wouldn’t lie about the cuddles after.

And so, Childe sits at the table a few moments longer before Capitano comes out with two bowls of Kapusta, filled with extra kielbasa, since Capitano is aware it’s Childe’s favorite part of the dish. “Thank you” Childe whispers, smiling bright and happily beginning to eat on his

own, legs bouncing with excitement under the table. “Of course, I’ve prepared a special treat for after as well, to go with the medicine Zhongli told me to give you” Capitano hums and Childe frowns cutely at the mention of taking medicine. Of course as promised, after their

warm, comforting breakfast, Capitano brings out a plate of khrustyky. Good for colds? Absolutely not, but he knows it’s a perfect way to blackmail his lover into willingly taking his medicine. Really, who will know anyways? Of course, Childe’s delighted at the sight of the

sweets and as soon as he’s done taking the medicinal herbs, shoves two of the sweet, deep fried treats into his mouth with a satisfied hum and the rest of the day is filled with Capitano carefully getting Childe to be active while not overworking himself and feeding and

cuddling him. It’s a perfect balance in the younger’s opinion at least. Day three is the hardest of his days, faced with Pierro as his caretaker. Pierro had a much different way of taking care of him. Like, getting him dressed and out for a small walk first thing in the

morning. The whole time, Childe was clinging onto him, whining about how he wanted to go home cause he “looks gross when he’s sick” which, in all honesty, Pierro couldn’t disagree with more considering how adorable he thinks his lover looks.

Childe’s cheeks are all puffy like this and he’s wearing this adorable little pout and he looks so sleepy that Pierro wants to hold him tight and kiss all over it, but he restrains himself still. “You look cute” is all he responds with, “it sucks now, but you’ll feel better

later” Pierro says, gently resting his hand on Childe’s waist, pulling him closer into his side. Childe doesn’t complain then, gently nuzzling into him with a small huff. Once they’re home, Pierro decides to make him a Khaenri’ahn specialty that though Childe can’t quite grasp

the name of, finds absolutely delicious. Pierro mentions something about using some special preserved medicinal spices from his homeland, but all the information flies right over Childe’s head as he starts dozing off, falling asleep right at the dinner table.

Pierro stares fondly before sighing once more, getting up and carefully lifting him up in his arms. “Rest well, eleventh” he whispers softly, setting him in bed and pressing a gentle kiss to his forehead. Then, there’s day four. Dottore comes in early in the morning, a bunch of

glass vials clinking in his bag and Childe wakes up to it, beginning to worry what trouble he might be in today. “Oh, you’re already awake. Perfect! Drink this!” Dottore says, shoving a vial into his hands.

“What.. is it?” Childe asks sleepily, sitting up and rubbing his eyes as he inspected it. “Does my dearest eleventh still not trust me?” Dottore frowns, gently cupping his jaw, “it’s not anything dangerous, it’s simply a processed elixr of fruit juices and extracted medicinals

to help you heal faster.” Childe sighs in relief and opens the cap to the vial, scrunching his nose up. “Ugh.. it smells…” “Unfortunately that is a side effect of mixing some things” Dottore sighs, “Plug your nose and drink.” The younger nods, groaning before plugging his

nose by pinching his nostrils between his fingers, placing the vial between his lips and tilting his head back, drinking it all in one go. “That’s a good boy” Dottore smiles, kissing the top of his head. “So, what did your other lovers do to help?” Childe pouts, he knows why

the question is being asked and he hates when his boyfriends fight and compete. “Hmph… Zhongli gave me medicine and tea and bought me some soup, Capitano made me breakfast and helped me stretch and then we cuddled and Pierro.. took me on a walk and stuff…”

“A walk?? Hm.. he is something” Dottore laughs, “what sort of medicine did Zhongli use for you? It doesn’t seem to have helped.” “It’s helped plenty.” Childe huffs, gently shoving his lover away and pouting. “Oh, come now, I’m only teasing. I’m sure all of them have treated you

plenty well” Dottore says, “though clearly we all have very different methods” he sighs. “Luckily for you, I believe I’ve found a permanent cure for this illness!” “Dottore..” Childe groans, “I’m not healthy enough to be a test experiment right now..” “It’s not an experiment

I know what I’m doing” he smiles, “lend me your table for a moment dear” he says, and Childe huffs again as he moves his stuff aside. He’s far too tired to argue with him anyways. “Fine…” he sighs. So, Dottore gets to work, mixing the multiple vials he’d brought with him.

“It only works when used at it’s freshest, which is why I’m assembling it now. Come tonight, you’ll be able to work again” he hums, eyes focused on the vials he’s holding. A few moments later and the concoction is done and he’s helping Childe chug it down.

Funny enough, as soon as Childe drinks the elixr he knocks out again and ends up sleeping until the next morning. He wakes up with all of his lovers by his side again, feeling perfect once more. Though he is confused on how the last day passed so fast.

“Aha!” Dottore says, “told you it didn’t kill him!” Pierro glares at the doctor still before gently taking one of Childe’s hands in his own. “How are you feeling?” Zhongli soothingly stroked his cheek and Capitano is gently petting his head. “Mm much much better. I hate to

admit it, but Dottore’s experiment worked” he sighs, laying back once more. Dottore snickers and leans down, gently placing a little kiss on Childe’s lips. “Happy to help, any time.” Dottore isn’t particularly touchy, so Childe smiles and cuddled up to him while he has the

chance. “Thank you” the younger whispers and the other’s look at Dottore like they’re ready to pounce until Childe lays back down properly. Then, a small kittenish sneeze comes from the masked man and immediately, the three other men are backing away and Childe is giggling.

The younger sits up and hugs onto Capitano tight, “mm next it’s my turn to take care of you then” he says happily, nuzzling him. And the cycle seems to repeat itself with the others as well.

🤭 is this my best work? Absolutely not. I’ve got bad fever brain fog and stuff but I’m still proud of myself for getting it done so 😎 I hope you enjoyed <33

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