Spooky month! 🎃 Demon!Omi/Priest in training!Atsumu NSFW “I’ve been watching you, Father,” a silky voice tempted from the shadows. Atsumu didn’t even have to look to know who it was. The demon had been haunting him, stalking him, for months. His never endless sweet talk,

too warm fingers sliding up his wrist when he least expects it. The demon is beautiful, he can admit it. Skin like milk, fingers and hands brushed in black ash, hair and eyes just as dark. Two notches above one eyebrow, letting Atsumu know just how powerful the demon is. He

makes Atsumu’s stomach quiver, his all knowing eyes burning holes in the back of his head. “So formal today, Omi. Ya know I’m not a priest, yet,” Atsumu didn’t know how they had gotten to this place. This purgatory. Where they both wanted, but Atsumu knew his soul was in

jeopardy. What would his Ma think of him now? “You let another demon get close,” Sakusa’s is on his knees before him. Appearing like a gust of wind. “I have been good to you, Father. I have waited. I have been patient. I want what I deserve.” Atsumu had been approached by a

demon, but it wasn’t unusual. They always seem so interested in him. Humans. Faith. God. “What ya deserve,” Atsumu murmurs as he thinks of hellfire, of flesh burning. “What would that be, Omi?” Sakusa’s eyes swallow any candle light in the room, Atsumu is tugged forward by an

unseen force. “I want to worship my divinity,” Sakusa’s voice is slippery, much like a serpent. Much like Lucifer. As is his beauty. It was always going to go this way. End here. Faith was harder to come by after Osamu left. Atsumu was never good at being on his own.

“Then worship,” is whispered from his chapped lips. He’s surrounded by the sound of a tornado for a moment, like a train barreling towards him, before he is gently placed on a bed he doesn’t recognize. In a place he’s never been. “I’ll never let you go,” black prints are

spreading across Atsumu’s skin, from Sakusa’s hands. His brightness dulling. “I’ll never let you leave.” Atsumu’s Rosary crumbles, his golden cross melts, he shivers in the aftermath. “I just want to belong.” It’s whispered to Omi. To god. His clothes disappear under Sakusa’s

eyes. The demon lifts Atsumu’s thigh and places it over his shoulder, a kiss pressed to the crook of his knee. “You are home, Atsumu.” With his back arched, tail wrapped around his wrists, and a demon inside of him, Atsumu feels more at peace than he ever has. “Please, Omi.”

The demon looks like he would swallow worlds for Atsumu, burn heavens. It’s too much, it’s so good. “You’ll be be clean of me again,” Sakusa’s hips rock into him, cock stretching with such a heavy weight that he can barely breathe. Every touch is scalding. Every kiss is like

salvation. “God,” Atsumu gasps as dark fingers fist his dripping cock, the sound so loud and wet. Sakusa snarls, folding him in half to fuck him harder. Teeth breaking the skin of his thigh. “Do not speak to him. You’re mine,” Sakusa’s snarling echoes off the walls, like a

roar in Atsumu’s ears. “Cum for me, and only for me.” Atsumu has always obeyed his master. He cums thick and hot over his trembling belly. It’s not a moment later that Sakusa licks the tears he hadn’t even noticed, fucking him as he’s filled with warmth. A warmth he never

thought he’d know. “Perfect. You’re home. You’re mine. You belong.” Atsumu shivers. It’s all he ever wanted.

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