SkTs NSFW Yakuza AU “I’ve killed people for you,” Sakusa’s fingers danced down Atsumu’s spine. Occasionally raking his nails down until Atsumu’s back arched, a gasp falling from his parted lips. “Doesn’t that mean I could do anything I wanted with you? I’ve earned you. You’re

mine to do as I please. Right, darling?” The smell of smoke was still heavy in the air and Atsumu breathed it in deeply as he shifted his hips in Sakusa’s lap. “Haven’t I always been?” Before the blood. Before the violence. Before the power. Atsumu had always belonged to him.

Sakusa’s hands tightened on him briefly, as if Atsumu would want to be anywhere else in the world, before the petting continued. “I’d sooner kill you than let someone else touch you,” Sakusa whispered into his cheek, sliding his kisses further and further down. “Omi,” Atsumu

knew he was sick, because the threat just made him hard. Aching in his dress pants, leaking in the expensive clothes Sakusa always dressed him in. “I’d make you watch as I tore the other man apart first. Make you see how crazy you make me.” Sakusa’s teeth bit into Atsumu’s

throat, and the blonde just pressed closer. “‘m yers. Whatever ya want, Omi. It’s always going to be just ya,” Atsumu slipped between open thighs, looking up at the man before him. Dark hair, dark eyes. An aura about him that said he was dangerous. A warning. Atsumu was never

good at heeding those. “Let me show ya?” Sakusa’s eyes were cold, but he opened his legs further. His cock outline making Atsumu drool. “If it’s not to my satisfaction, I’ll take it out on your ass,” a small lifting of his lips. “As if that’s a threat,” Atsumu muttered darkly.

By the end of the night, both his lips and ass were bruised and sore. He couldn’t have asked for a better feeling.

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