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7 Reasons You Need to Forgive People (Even When It Seems Impossible) = THREAD =

1. Forgiveness sets you free You've been hurt and all you want to do is be angry Here's the problem When you hold onto anger, it consumes you That's when forgiveness is needed Allow yourself to forgive others to take control of your emotions Set yourself free today

2. Forgiveness helps you move forward Grudges keep us stuck They make us unable to: - Get up in the morning - Be present for loved ones - Appreciate the joys of today When you forgive others it is the first step to continuing your journey.

3. Forgiveness begins your healing process Imagine a deep wound If you let it go without treatment it will become infected and spread This happens to your body when you refuse to forgive The healing process can be a long and winding road But, It starts with forgiveness.

4. Forgiveness renews your spirit The human spirit is a powerful force When someone wrongs you it can be like a cancer to your body You deserve to have a spirit of: - Joy - Peace - Happiness Don't allow others to take that from you

5. Forgiveness is a great teacher Forgiving someone teaches us a few lessons. It Teaches: - Patience - True strength - Who we are as a person Take notes, These lessons are what make you human and one day you will teach them to others

6. Forgiveness brings peace True peace requires a clear mind When you let go of those negative emotions it declutters your mind Do this: 1. Write down who you haven't forgiven 2. Write a letter of forgiveness 3. Read it to them You can do this, we all deserve peace

7. Forgiveness is powerful Society has taught us there is weakness in forgiveness That's a lie You are more powerful than you can every imagine Forgiveness only gives you more power Remember that. If you enjoyed this thread, please RT the first tweet.

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