Apa | Eating at Horny-giri Miya

Apa | Eating at Horny-giri Miya



#miyacestober2022 Day 6 🦊 Breed // omegaverse, breeding, AtsuOsa

The gym was the best and the worst place to be an Omega. Rich scents billowed throughout the space of Alphas, some Betas, and the occasional Omega.

Osamu was not lithe or weak by any measure so he proudly flaunted his scent at the gym, the smell amplified by his intense workouts. He took great pride in showing off his gains. Tanks with exaggerated arm holes that slipped low to let the swell of his tits peek out.

There was a secondary reason he was frequently found at the gym. Atsumu, his twin and Alpha was an instructor at the space. He did personal training and weightlifting classes.

When he watched Osamu flaunt around and released his powerful Alpha pheromones it wiped out any other scent in the gym and gave Osamu a high, floating on the comfort and desire of a powerful mate.

Atsumu was slated to substitute for another instructor for a cardio and yoga mixed class. This class was more popular with Omega who wanted a leaner macular look while maintaining flexibility.

Osamu was an occasional member of the class, he liked the usual teacher Yaku who was a feisty omega that took no prisoners. The other omegas in the class liked flirting with Osmau in a friendly way, they knew he was mated but got the chance to be playful with a tall strong man.

The group also liked to tease each other about some of the more provocative stretches. Some of the Omegas were stay-at-home moms who needed this time to get away from their pups. The older ones also jokingly asked Osamu when it was his turn to become a momma,

- just to see the light dusting of pink on his ears. No one at the gym knew that Osamu’s alpha was Atsumu however. Everyone assumed the pair’s scents were so complimentary simply due to genetics.

When Atsumu walked into the room to see rows of yogapants-clad Omegas his first thought was that this would be a boring session. Then moments before the class was about to start and he was to lock the door Osamu slipped in.

He wore his usual tantalizing black tank but instead of the sweat pants or lose gym shorts he wore some compression sorts in a soft stretchy fabric that hit mid-thigh and left nothing to the imagination. “Sorry! I’m just in time,” he smiled up at his brother.

Atsumu nodded, trying not to choke on his tongue, after clearing his throat he kicked off the class. First, they did a series of HITT-style movements, with modifications for the omega’s returning from pregnancy or with other limitations.

In the small space sweat and natural scents quickly flowed around, the fresh scent of new motherhood flitting around the room from some of the Omegas, but Osamu’s rich musk was debilitating.

With the exertion of the workout, the scarring of his marked neck was even redder than normal, a beacon to Atsumu’s aching jaw.

Then they began the yoga portion of the class, while they all did a forward fold, Atsumu had a prime view of Osamu’s ass in the mirror-lined wall. His hips flared out begging Atsumus to grab them and –he tuned back in time to give the next instruction.

The class was torture, with Osamu in perfect form in front of him.

At the end of class, a few of the Omegas approached Atsumu to thank him for the class and ask a few questions about some of the moves, keeping Atsumu from retreating to the staff room to furiously beat one off.

A few unmated ones made eyes at him but he allowed his scent to telegraph an unapproachable domineering aura. Meanwhile, two of Osamu’s friends stopped by his mat to chat, both omega’s but still clearly appreciating the glisten of sweat dripping in the definition of his biceps.

(Oops got interrupted, the rest will be posted as soon as I have a chance!)

After some small talk, Osamu slowly wiped his mat and took a long gulp of water. He waved off his classmates as they made their way out, running off to collect pups and continue their daily routines. Eventually, the room was empty, the space fully charged with Atsumu’s aroma.

Osamu was damp with sweat and a stirring of slick and the tight shorts were torturing Atsumu.

“Omega,” Atsumu took large firm steps straight to his mate and stood over him. Osamu raised a brow and Atsumu settled a hand around his neck. Osamu's pulse raced in his hand. His thumb traced the faded mate bite. An old wound from just after high school.

“Gonna give ya a baby,” he lightly squeezed. Osamu’s defiant gaze was an invitation. His other hand reached around to Osamu’s ass, kneading at the muscle. Osamu’s scent grew stronger still.

“Make yer tit swell with milk,” his hands roughly fondled at Osamu’s nipples through the shirt. “Wanna see’m leaking.” “Gonna ruin all my efforts at the gym with a pup?” Osamu raised his brows all while the smell of his gathering slick tickled at Atsumu’s nose.

“Yer ruining me now,” Atsumu pulled Osamu flush to him and rubbed his hardness pointedly into his mate.

Atsumu reached down to peel the shorts off of Osamu, the raw smell of his efforts in class released. Osamu stepped out of the shorts and got down on his hands and knees on the mat, his naked rear on full display, reflecting in the mirror in a dizzying view.

Atsumu couldn't help but palm himself at the sight. “Breed me, Alpha,” Osamu turned to look at him with a small waggle of his hips.

“Fuck,” Atsumu frantically pulled down his own track pants, barely getting them off before he was on his knees behind Osamu. He pulled Osamus's cheeks apart to look at the wet mess and groaned. He pushed 2 fingers in and relished the warmth as they were sucked in.

“Yer ready for me baby.” “Come on, give me yer dick already” he pushed himself back and forth on the fingers.

Atsumu removed his hands and used the slick to give himself a few pumps along his head. He shuffled forward and lined himself up before sinking in. With a groan, he began to give shallow thrusts.

Osamu was drenched, the sweat from the class was drying sticky on his skin. The physical process of his mate and the lingering scent of the other fertile Omegas made his head spin further. Atsumu steadily increased his tempo. “Knot me” Osamu moaned.

Atsumu, in a rare moment of clarity, glanced at the door. “Please, Alpha.”

The door was quickly forgotten as he gripped harder on the narrowest part of Osamu’s waist, the sight of his cock splitting his mate and the jiggle of Osamu’s ass on each thrust spurning him on. Beneath him, Osamu moaned and whined as he trust deeper and his knot began to swell.

Osamu’s arms slowly gave out and eventually his face was pressed into the yoga mat, his tears dripping onto it, while his firm ass hung in the air. “Tsumu, tsumu, ahh like that,” he chanted before his eyes fluttered and he came with a silent gasp.

His mate completely at his mercy and lost in pleasure pushed Atumu over the end. With a forceful thrust, he pressed his knot fully past Osamu’s rim and it inflated to full size. Atsumu groaned as he came, the idea of his twin carrying their pups firm in his mind.

Osamu weakly pushed himself back on his forearms, “Kiss me, Alpha?” Atsumu chucked and rearranged himself as best he could to comply while they were intimately attached.

God, I hope no one comes in,” Atsumu mumbled. “Oh, ha, that won’t happen.” “Omega…”

“Don’t ya Omega me, I asked my friend to hit the lock behind her, I wanted you like this,” Osamu looked firmly at his mate. Atsumu gave an unpleased sound but followed it with a swivel of hips that pushed the knot against his stretched walls.

Osamu reached down to rub his lower abs, “I hope it takes.” Atsumu couldn’t help but let a smile crack through his attempt at a displeased display.

With a chuckle he said, “ I’m going to need to keep a job if we have little ones running around,” he gave another slow thrust, “No more mating at work.” “Hmm, no promises,” Osamu leaned up for a kiss and all was forgotten as they enjoyed the moment together.

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