As with everything in the crypto space right now, the notoriousaliens team has been reconfiguring things, while still making developments. I have been so swamped, personally, with other projects, that I have finished up some things with NA, and refocused on some different things

in the Disney, Marvel, and Fine Art gallery space. So, while I AM busy with juggling tons of other stuff, I can make assurances to those in my fellow #notoriousaliens collector family, that there’s no “Rugging” going on. I certainly haven’t gone anywhere…

The gaming end has been continued to be developed, and no one has even come close to running off with a purse of ETH. (Nor, I assure you, am I writing this from my yacht in the Bahamas… THIS week) ;)

My agents are still there, still staked, and still waiting to see what the next move is in the crypto space, while the market is drunk off so much sake.

So, if you see me focusing on more art stuff, more gallery/comic con appearance stuff, and, MOST importantly, more family stuff, please know that I believe in the crypto space, and I believe in the NASA tech.

So, I love you guys, I love our NASA aesthetic and tech, and I’m not going ANYWHERE.

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