#sakuatsu // nsfw, public sex, model atsumu, msby kiyoomi kiyoomi thought he had everything under control. his little online fuck buddy setup with the famous model, miya atsumu, was limited to exchanging pics and vids online. until they were both invited to a brand event.

“it’s ya.” the way atsumu peered at him through his lashes made kiyoomi realize that there was no running away from this. kiyoomi is sure he isn’t even supposed to be here. he’s an /athlete/, but apparently, with looks like his, he should also venture into modeling.

he wanted he and atsumu to be discreet. their little setup started with casual replies on each other’s ig stories. they both had different professions, so it was interesting for both of them. then came the thirst traps sent to each other; kiyoomi after showering, atsumu in bed.

“wish ya were here right now.” atsumu pants, thumb grazing against the head of his dick to edge himself. “the things i’d do to you.” kiyoomi licks his lips, staring at atsumu’s thick thighs and slim waist. he was so bold virtually, but now, in person, he’s at loss for words.

clicking his tongue, atsumu shakes his head and purses his lip. “aw, ya seem to be all talk.” “shut up,” kiyoomi murmurs, looking around before he continues. “or would you rather have me do it?” atsumu grabs him by the wrist to the nearest bathroom.

“brat.” kiyoomi says before locking the door and backing atsumu against the nearest wall. atsumu is pliant as kiyoomi pins his wrists above his head and kisses him like he wants to consume all of atsumu, pressing their crotches together.

atsumu moans at the friction and throws his head back. kiyoomi grabs the chance to mouth along his neck and nibble on the skin, eager to leave his mark. “no marks.” his makeup artists might kill him tomorrow in his half-naked photoshoot, but kiyoomi only bites harder.

they both know that they don’t have the luxury of time, and so kiyoomi pushes the toilet seat cover down with his foot. “pants off.” atsumu digs into his pockets for a condom and his sachet of lube before complying. “you do this often?”

kiyoomi guides atsumu’s leg atop the toilet seat and atsumu braces his hands on the wall, back arching when kiyoomi teases a lubed finger on his entrance. “don’t tease,” atsumu complains, rutting back against kiyoomi’s hand when kiyoomi has one finger inside him. “jerk.”

“okay, princess.” kiyoomi shoves two more fingers into him at once and atsumu almost loses his balance, both in shock at the sudden action and nickname. “you like that?” kiyoomi curls his fingers, searching for the spot that he knows would be the key to make atsumu scream.

“i hate ya,” atsumu chews on his lip and looks back over his shoulder to glare when kiyoomi pulls out. he’s temporarily stunned at the sight of kiyoomi pulling his slacks down enough to expose his thick cock to roll on the condom and lube it up. “fuck, why are ya so fuckin’ hot?”

kiyoomi wraps an around his waist to hold him as he enters atsumu from behind, hissing at the warmth and tightness around his cock. “g-god…” atsumu breathes out. this position made kiyoomi feel so deep inside him, more so when kiyoomi started moving.

the pace kiyoomi sets right from the start is relentless, dead set on making atsumu nothing but a babbling, begging mess in his arms. he manages to do just that, his free hand making its way to wrap around atsumu’s throat before he tightens his grip ever so slightly.

atsumu gasps, pushing back against kiyoomi. he remembered what atsumu said about liking it rough, that kiyoomi was free to spank him, slap him, choke him, and bite him whenever. kiyoomi buries his face into atsumu’s shoulder, slowly losing his rhythm since he’s close.

atsumu reaches down to touch himself. he’s been on edge to know how kiyoomi would feel like inside him, and now that it’s a reality, his eyes roll back as kiyoomi pounds into him even more, chasing his orgasm. “fuck.” atsumu exhales before he cums in his hand.

“just a little more.” kiyoomi grunts out, resting his hand on top of atsumu’s hand that was on the wall to hold him up. “omi..” atsumu whines, still sensitive and clenches around him, eliciting a long moan from kiyoomi.

“let me.” atsumu offers and kiyoomi pauses. he frowns at the loss of atsumu’s heat around him as atsumu turns around and takes the condom off before going down on his knees. “i trust ya, hm?” atsumu licks a long stripe from the base of his cock to the tip.

“yeah.” kiyoomi nods, stroking atsumu’s soft, blonde locks in encouragement as he takes him in. kiyoomi was so close, he wanted to cum so bad. atsumu gives him what he wants, looking up at him prettily as he chokes on kiyoomi’s cock despite how relaxed his throat is already.

kiyoomi’s eyes widens when atsumu doesn’t pull away the moment kiyoomi cums. “spit it out.” now’s not the time to be embarrassed, but kiyoomi felt his face flush when atsumu shakes his head and swallows audibly.

he helps atsumu get up and wipes his face with his handkerchief. atsumu smiles at the sweet gesture and teases, “i thought ya didn’t do romance, omi-kun.” kiyoomi rolls his eyes, lips quirking into a smile of his own, “hook ups either, but you can be an exception, i guess.”

nothing could ruin the moment for them. unfortunately, the next day, they make headlines for walking out of the bathroom together with disheveled hair and crumpled clothes. fortunately enough, the new sakuatsu fanbase was big enough for their pr team to let them off the hook.

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