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The most powerful ideas in life:

Time Billionaire Time is our most precious asset. When you're young, you are a "time billionaire”—rich with time. Too many people fail to realize the value of this asset until it is gone. Treat time as your ultimate currency—it’s all you have and you can never get it back.

Darkest Hour Friends It's easy to be there for people to celebrate their wins. It takes character to show up for them in their darkest hour. People never forget those who supported them when the chips were down. Find your "darkest hour friends”—treasure them.

Engineered Serendipity Some of what we call "luck" is actually the macro result of thousands of micro actions. Your daily habits can put you in a position where "luck" is more likely to strike. It's possible to increase your serendipity surface area and engineer your own luck.

Leverage "Give me a place to stand and a lever long enough and I shall move the world." - Archimedes Leverage is anything that multiplies the force of your inputs. Building systems that provide leverage on your time, money, & energy will allow you to create a life you deserve.

Free Time as a Call Option You've incorrectly been told that free time is bad—hustle culture lied to you. The reality: Free time is a call option on future interesting opportunities. When you have free time, you have the headspace and bandwidth to pursue high-upside ideas.

Decentralized Friend Groups Centralized Friend Group: one cluster of friends with shared backgrounds & beliefs. Decentralized Friend Groups: small, varied, unconnected clusters of friends. Having decentralized friend groups is the key to independent thought. h/t @george__mack

Work Like a Lion 9-5 work culture is a remnant of the Industrial Age. Most people are not wired to work 9-5. We work more hours and get less done. If your goal is to do inspired, creative work, you have to work like a lion. Wait. SPRINT. Eat. Rest. Repeat. h/t @naval

Q1 Relationships All relationships exist on a 2x2 matrix of: (1) How healthy it is (2) How enjoyable it is Q1 relationships are healthy & enjoyable. Focus on spending more energy on your Q1 relationships—cherish them. Scrub the Q4s from your life. h/t @waitbutwhy

The Persuasion Paradox Have you noticed that the most argumentative people rarely persuade anyone? The most persuasive people don’t argue—they observe, listen, and ask questions. Argue less, persuade more. Persuasion is an art that requires a paintbrush, not a sledgehammer.

Inversion “All I want to know is where I’m going to die, so I’ll never go there." - Charlie Munger The best innovators think forward AND backward. When faced with a challenging problem, reframe it in inverse form—new perspective allows you to solve the problem more creatively.

Green Lines vs. Black Lines Consider this image from @waitbutwhy: Black Lines = paths closed Green Lines = paths open Stop focusing on the black lines behind you. Start focusing on all of the green lines before you. It is a future with immense opportunity.

Ben Franklin's "Junto" In 1727, Ben Franklin organized a weekly meeting with a small group—The Junto Club. It was a collection of minds from diverse industries. They gathered weekly to discuss, collaborate, and brainstorm. Learning is communal, not individual. Find your Junto.

Build vs. Sell To be successful, you either need to learn how to build or you need to learn how to sell. If you aren't technically-gifted, that's ok—just learn to sell. If you can sell, you'll always make it. People who know how to build AND sell are unbeatable. h/t @naval

The Feynman Technique Four steps to learn anything new: (1) Identify a topic (2) Try to explain it to a child (3) Study to fill in gaps (4) Organize, convey, and review True genius is the ability to simplify, not complicate. Simple is beautiful.

The Weekend Test "What the smartest people do on the weekend is is what everyone else will do during the week in ten years." - @cdixon Observe the weekend projects of the smartest people in your circles. Odds are those will become a key part of our future. Invest accordingly.

The Eisenhower Decision Matrix Learn the difference between urgent and important. Place tasks on a 2x2 matrix: • Important & Urgent • Important & Not Urgent • Not Important & Urgent • Not Important & Not Urgent Prioritize, delegate, or delete accordingly.

The Regret Minimization Framework The goal is to minimize the number of regrets in life. When faced with a difficult decision: (1) Project into the future. (2) Look back on the decision. (3) Ask "Will I regret not doing this?" (4) Act accordingly. Simple, effective.

Play to Learn Old Way: Learn to Play. New Way: Play to Learn. We are living in an unprecedented era—technology is shattering boundaries, enabling anyone to participate. If you're trying to learn anything new, put some skin in the game and dive in. It's the best way to learn.

Positive Sum Magnetism Want to get ahead in life? Start genuinely rooting for others to succeed. If you adopt that mentality, you’ll become a magnet for the highest quality people. When you're surrounded by the highest quality people, good things start to happen…

The Wisdom Paradox “The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know.” - Albert Einstein The more you learn, the more you are exposed to the immense unknown. This should be empowering, not frightening. Embrace your own ignorance. Embrace lifelong learning.

The Power of No Take on less, accomplish more. Success doesn’t come from taking on everything that comes your way. It comes from focus—deep focus on the tasks that really matter. Say yes to what matters, say no to what doesn’t. Protect your time as a gift to be cherished.

The Zone of Genius Your Zone of Genius is where your interests, passions and skills align. Find yours, then slowly shift your life to spend more time in it. It means playing games you are uniquely well-suited to win—you can stop playing *their* games and start playing *yours*.

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