you’ve got to have it first: a thread.

a lot of us secretly still or know we still are waiting on the external world to give us what we want. we silently wait for it, pretending we’re not doing it. we still rely on the physical world for confirmation that it’s working.

however, to have anything, we must have it within first because our inner reality is reflected into reality. we must have it first, we must have it before the outer world does. we can’t say OH ILL HAVE IT WHEN THE OUTER WORLD SAYS because that’s still seeing it as reality.

we must have what we want before it comes to us. we must have that person before they come to us. we must have what we want before reality does. if you think that you’ll genuinely have it when it’s in “reality” you are wrong. you have it the minute you do in imagination.

if you’re spending every day waiting for something to happen, looking for signs, pushing for movement or asking where it is, you’re not realising that you need to have it first. you’ve got to change before the world does. you’ve got to change before they do. it’s all on you.

you’ve got to change your circumstances in your mind FIRST before they change. you’ve got to change them in your mind before they change. it’s okay if things haven’t changed because they don’t need to, YOU DO.

you’ve got to be back together in your mind before you are in reality. you’ve got to have them before the world does. to say “im doing the work, living in the end, nothing is happening” you need to have it within first always before you actually do. that’s how it works.

you have to change before the world does and to expect the world to change and ask it for stuff before you give it to yourself, is to waste time.

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