ranger danger

ranger danger



skts // nsfw bottsumu "Why don't you show me how you touch yourself then?" Kiyoomi growls, after Atsumu's readjusted himself for the third time, since Kiyoomi's cock isn't hitting him in all the right places like it /should./ "Why don't ya learn to use your dick right?"

Kiyoomi rolls his eyes while he pulls out of Atsumu but settles at the foot of the bed anyway. He's still wearing those stupid gloves he insisted on using to open Atsumu up; it'd taken forever since it just didn't feel natural or right to Atsumu.

The latex felt wrong inside of him, but Kiyoomi insisted and he let him try anyway. Condoms were different, but Atsumu's cock kept softening while Kiyoomi fucked into him, no matter what they tried. Atsumu complained until Kiyoomi gave up and demanded a demonstration.

"This ain't one of your college classes," Atsumu says, sliding his legs closed because he feels awkward suddenly, uncomfortably visible under Kiyoomi's piercing gaze. He's naked except for the stupid gloves, and Atsumu's got nothing on. "I dunno what you're expecting."

Kiyoomi shrugs. "I just want to watch you, since I seem to be doing such a bad job of it." He doesn't sound snide at all. He sounds serious. Atsumu gulps. He loves that intensity on the court. Loves the dedication to the team, their sport. To being better. To being /best./

He never thought about what it might feel like directed solely on him. When Atsumu blushes, he does it with his whole body, and Kiyoomi's gaze follows the color flooding his chest. "Nervous, Atsumu?" he asks, in that stupid whispery rumble. "It's just me."

That's the problem. It's /just/ Kiyoomi with all his focus on him. Nowhere to run or hide, and even though this was his idea he feels like prey to a wild beast. "Let's try this another day," Atsumu says, trying to scramble off the bed, but Kiyoomi's gloved hand stops him.

He gulps. The black latex looks good against his skin, and the big hand engulfs his whole ankle. "I think you deserve to get off," Kiyoomi says, leisurely, other hand around his own cock. "And since I wasn't getting you there, it's all up to you."

"I'll do it in the bathroom, I'll leave-" he's rambling, and it's not because he doesn't want this, it's because this isn't how he thought this would go. He thought Kiyoomi would fuck him, they'd have one awkward practice before back to normal, and his fixation would be done.

But /instead/ they'd fumbled awkwardly through sex until Kiyoomi stumbled onto one of the things Atsumu loves but can never aks for: being watched. "C'mon Atsumu." Kiyoomi's thumb rubs against his ankle bone and he shivers. "Spread those pretty legs and show me what you like."

"Also this is your room," he adds, nodding at the Ojiro poster on the wall Atsumu had to tape a little mask over before they started fucking, because it felt too much like a parent watching. "Where would you even go."

He gets his other hand on Atsumu's other leg and helps him stretch his legs open; holds them in place and licks his lips at Atsumu's cock, harder than it has been all night, and pretty puckering hole, dark and slick with lube. "I'm waiting," he says, impatiently.

Atsumu's cock twitches at the way Kiyoomi's dark eyes zero in on his cock, and he reaches for the lube. "I like it when it's wet," he says, drenching his fingers in lube and sliding them around his rim. Shivering, gooseflesh rising on his arms and chest, Kiyoomi takes notes.

"And then-" he plunges a finger in. "Your fingers are thinner than mine. You can start with two." He twists it inside of him, crooking his finger and pumping it inside of him. "I don't wanna feel empty. I just wanna be full." Kiyoomi grunts, and the sound jolts Atsumu's cock.

He adds another finger and moans around it, and one of Kiyoomi's hands finds its way back to his cock but his eyes never leave Atsumu. "And then, you just kinda-" he demonstrates with his other hand, a twisting, spreading motion that sends pleasure in every direction.

Kiyoomi liked to pump his fingers out but Atsumu never got off on that kind of stimulation. He likes small circles on his walls, constant rubbing. Sometimes he sets a vibe on a timer and stuffs it in his ass to see how many times he can come free handed.

His record is three times in two hours, but he can't even think about touching his cock for a week afterwards.

Kiyoomi gasps when a third enters, lube pouring out of his ass and pooling onto the bedspread. He wonders what he looks like, his thumb and pinky spread while his hole twitches around the middle fingers, legs spread enough that he knows they'll ache tomorrow.

"Then like- /nnh/" he moans, alternating which finger crooks itself and demonstrating. His whole body is melting into the bed, his head rocking back and he's grinding down onto his hips and he thinks he's just about to come when- "What about your cock?"

Kiyoomi's voice is a harsh bite, and Atsumu twitches and sighs. "Y'sure know how ta kill my vibe," he says. And then "I dunno, I don't normally touch it." The grip on his ankle tightens. His hand burns. "You can, your cock, you don't"? Kiyoomi's words come out in a frenzy.

"Can I come untouched? Yeah," he nods, and if he thought Kiyoomi's attention was powerful before, well. The effect redoubles. He pushes his foot against his chest. "Quit interruptin' me. I was just getting somewhere." Kiyoomi scoffs, but sits back anyway. He doesn't let go.

Atsumu keeps his eyes on Kiyoomi this time, and slowly, slowly, draws himself close. Imagines how good it'll feel when Kiyoomi does this, revels in how nice it is to be watched. When he comes, he's not expecting it, come spurting across his chest.

As he catches his breath, he winks up at Kiyoomi. "How's that for a practical demonstration?" "Excellent," Kiyoomi purrs. "I hope you're ready for my examination." He pounces before Atsumu can answer, but it's fine. Kiyoomi's a fast learner.

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