🍒betta🍒finally resting

🍒betta🍒finally resting



#sakuatsu Vampires Atsumu and Sakusa writing letters back and forth for decades until they had to end their human lives and move on, forgetting to tell each other where they'd gone. 200 years later, they meet again in a college classroom, paired up for a research project.

The subject matter? Compiling the letters of two lost friends in chronological order, up to the last two; never-sent declarations of love that both vampires are CERTAIN they had taken to the grave.

"They just can't leave a man to rest anymore, can they?" Atsumu grumbles, glaring at /his/ letter, addressed to /his/ Kiyoomi, as it's projected up on the screen for the entire class to see. "People just dig up any old grave nowadays, huh? Breaking and entering is a crime!"

At the front, their class TA reads aloud: "My dearest, I long to have you at my side again, warm soul next to mine as we walk upon the riverbank together. I wish to kiss you hello and goodbye, to share a hot meal with you in the springtime rains, should we ever meet again."

Kiyoomi snorts, and Atsumu shoots a glare at him. "You're laughing," he hisses. "They desecrated my final resting place and you're /laughing/." He's too caught up in his complaining to notice the gentle blush dusting his longtime friend's cheeks.

"Clearly it wasn't your final place, considering you're dying of embarrassment in a university classroom," Kiyoomi mumbles back. "Shut /up/, just wait until they read your letter, you smug bastard."

LINK TO PART 2!! Sakusa's letter!!

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